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A Touch of Tradition: Incorporating Pure Silver Earrings into Ethnic Outfits - Fira

14 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever seen any Indian tradition where the ladies of the house don’t wear jewellery?

Never. It is because traditional jewellery in gold and silver is considered to be sacred and auspicious and hence an integral part of any Indian events or festivals. Many communities in India prefer to wear silver jewellery instead of gold jewellery especially beautiful pure silver earrings. There is a precise significance of wearing silver earrings and women of all age loves to wear them. 

Women in India have a soft corner for ethnic outfits for every event. There are many women who wear ethnic outfits only, they are not much comfortable with Western outfits. Other than that, Indian women also wear ethnic outfits during traditional events like festivals, puja, weddings, and baby showers. And you cannot think of getting decked up for these events without a pair of beautiful earrings. So why not make these events special by wearing a pair of intricate ladies’ silver earrings from Fira?

History of Silver Earrings

Over time, the evolution of earrings is most talked about. From simple studs to danglers, they have come a long way. Silver earrings for women have been there into existence for more than 7000 years. From Sumerian civilization to Minoan civilization, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece, they have been everywhere along with other precious metals. Earlier women used to wear silver earrings with precious stones as well. 

In Ancient India as well, silver earrings were worn by Queens and Kings as well. Even the rich and affluent society used to wear it to flaunt their social status. With time diamond stud earrings in sterling silver became very popular. Diamond and Emerald earrings in silver were in huge demand. So now you know, not only silver earrings are popular now but they have never lost their charm. 

Can I wear Sterling Silver Earrings in Ethnic Outfits?

Sterling silver earrings are such a versatile piece of jewellery that you can easily wear with your ethnic outfits as well as Western outfits. Fira has the most amazing collection of earrings that will look stunning with your every ethnic outfit. Fira earrings range from normal studs to solitaire studs, drops, hoops, and danglers. They also have a specialty of tassel earrings that would be perfect with a chiffon saree. 

  • Imagine yourself as a beautiful Manish Malhotra muse wearing a vibrant red chiffon saree and solitaire studs from Fira. Trust me, you can thank me later but this combination would never go wrong. You are bound to grab eyeballs towards you in any event you attend. These ladies’ sterling silver earrings from Fira come in different sizes and shapes that would suit any facial shape. 
  • Do you have an engagement ceremony or a wedding ceremony for your close one to attend? You planned to wear a beautiful heavy lehenga that has a heavy intricate design. It is so gorgeous that you prefer to keep the jewellery simple. Your savior is sterling silver danglers from Fira. Already the blouse of the lehenga has so heavy designs that it is better to skip necklaces. Make it attractive, and gorgeous, yet not heavy with beautiful lightweight danglers from Fira. 
  • With a beautiful salwar suit or dhoti skirt, jewellery plays a very intricate role. Most girls love to wear gorgeous earrings with this set of outfits. You can select from huge floral studs or long danglers or drop earrings from Fira to perfectly complement your look. You can even go for colorful earrings from Fira that would also blend beautifully with your overall personality. 
  • When it’s ethnic, Fira has never ignored their beautiful kids’ generation as well. Girls of very young age love to decorate like their mothers during special events. Even I also have many memories of myself playing with my mother’s saree and jewellery. Fira has an amazing collection for small girls in quirky shapes and bright colors. Imagine your little girl wearing a stunning ethnic outfit with a small beautiful sterling silver earring from Fira. Simple beauty at its best. 

Types of Sterling Silver Earrings to Wear with Ethnic Outfits

It is a wrong concept that you need to select only heavy, gorgeous, long, and traditional silver earrings that are quite heavy to wear with ethnic outfits. As I said, you can look like a dream girl with a chiffon saree and solitaire studs. It all depends on the way you want to carry yourself. The specialty to buy sterling silver earrings from Fira is that you can select anyone with any outfit that too within your budget. You don’t have to be broken to afford an earring from Fira. 

There are different types of pieces available in Fira that would blend perfectly with your ethnic outfits.

  • Stud Earrings: Gone are those days when studs would mean those simple small balls that we used to wear when we pierced our ears for the first time. There is a whole world of choices in front of you. From simple studs to solitaire studs, knot studs, half gemstone studs, and colorful ones for kids, there is a plethora of choices from Fira. If you prefer something on the heavy and gorgeous side, you can purchase their flower stud or the brooch stud. They would look amazing with any gorgeous ethnic outfit. 
  • Drop Earrings: Another smart choice to select silver earrings to wear with ethnic outfits is the drop earrings. They are in between the danglers and studs and would never go unnoticed. From long drops to small drops in silver, gold, and rose gold finish, there are many choices to select from Fira. 
  • Hoop Earrings: Another great style to wear is hoop earrings. These are the best to keep the vintage style in mind. During the 50s and 60s huge hoops were considered to be extremely classic and loved by famous celebrities. However, on a regular basis, those cannot be worn hence hoops of small sizes are available in Fira to wear on a regular basis. And the best part is that you can wear it with both ethnic and Western outfits. 
  • Dangler Earrings: Danglers are another great choice of sterling silver earrings if you want to look extremely stylish with your ethnic outfits. They are available in different colors and would look best to pair with traditional sarees, lehengas, and heavily embroidered suit sets. The danglers from Fira are a great choice for those women who love to wear long earrings and yet are lightweight. 

Saying that it is not an easy job to select sterling silver earrings online for your ethnic outfit. I have shared below some of the bestsellers from Fira that would look stunning with ethnic outfits. 

  • Fira Silver Diamond Cluster Solitaire Stud Silver Earrings

  • Fira Vintage Diamond Stud Flower Brooch Silver Earrings

  • Fira Silver Rosegold Designer Water Drop with Moonstone Earrings

  • Fira Rose Gold Half Floral Tassel Silver Earrings

  • Fira Silver Dangling Circular Diamond Stud Drop Earrings

    Make you ethnic outfit outstanding with a touch of royalty and tradition by pairing it with sterling silver earrings from Fira. Fira sterling silver earrings are the most practical jewellery you can ever find that can easily be passed on to the next generation.

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