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Add Sparkle to Your Look with 5 Best Silver Bracelets for Girls - FIRA

21 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Your little baby girl is no more a toddler now who used to run all around the house. She is a big teenage girl now and has an opinion of her own. She has her own taste and choice to make her own style statement. So why not help her to add some extra spark to her looks with the most charming silver bracelet for girls? Silver bracelets are the best accessory to dress up beautiful girls. 

Silver jewelry is part of human beings since ancient times. It can be worn by people of all age groups irrespective of their gender. Silver jewelry is not only just a piece of jewelry or a precious metal like gold, there are several other significances of wearing silver. With time there has been remarkable development in silver jewelry. Along with traditional designs, the latest sleek designs are also equally in demand. Fira has an amazing collection of silver bracelet designs for girls that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Why Girls should wear Silver Bracelets?

Every girl out there would love to look stylish and fashionable. Your point being her guardian should be that she should look stylish yet presentable for her age. She shouldn’t overdo like women and lose that beautiful innocence of her. And the best way to look stylish yet not overdo it is by adorning a charming silver bracelet. Fira has an impeccable collection of silver bracelets for girls’ design

  • Wearing silver bracelet also have some health benefits for girls. Sterling silver bracelet for girls not only make them look stylish but also improves their health and mental conditions. Moreover, silver bracelets help to fight several infections in girls. Additionally, it also helps to prevent colds and flu and also other bacteria and viruses. 
  • Silver as a metal helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels. So, wearing silver would help to enhance the elasticity that would further help in the formation of bones in girls. 
  • At this tender age, girls would get wounds and bruises. Wearing silver helps those wounds and bruises to heal quickly. 
  • Wearing a sterling silver charm bracelet for girl also symbolizes a happy daughter. They bring good charm and fortune and also prosperity to the family. 
  • Silver bracelets are the best accessory to wear on a regular basis apart from earrings for girls. 

Ways to Style a Silver Bracelet for Girls

Innovation knows no bounds and silver bracelets can be styled in numerous ways on girls. Silver bracelet adds that elegance to the outfit and hence they are the most timeless accessory for a girl. Fira has the most remarkable collection of bracelet design for girl in silver that can be styled in several ways you have ever imagined. So here are some amazing tricks and tips for your little girl to wear a silver bracelet that would elevate her fashion game to a completely new level. 

  • Layering: Layering a silver bracelet with another silver bracelet is the best to sport a trendy look on girls. No girl has a single bracelet in their prized collection. Therefore, to achieve a unique look, you can always combine bracelets of different designs and textures. In this way, your girl can wear different bracelets at a single time. Fira has a huge collection of sleek and beautiful bracelets that can be perfectly layered to give the most amazing look. 
  • Mix and Match: Another way to look stylish for girls is to mix and match outfits and jewelry. Trust me this would add that extra blend of spice to their entire outfit. Moreover, you can also mix and match different colors of silver bracelets. You can combine a silver bracelet with a gold and rose gold bracelet to get that stand-out look. Fira has a plethora of collections of pure silver bracelet for girls in different colors like silver, gold, and rose gold. 
  • Pair with a Watch: Another amazing way to give a trendy look to your girl is by making them pair a silver bracelet with a striking watch. Girls at this age love to wear a watch. So add a touch of sophistication to the silver bracelet by combining it with a watch. The only thing to take care of is that the watch and the silver bracelet should not clash and compete and rather should perfectly blend with each other. 
  • Dress up with any Outfits: Silver bracelet is loved by girls of all age because of their versatility. Girls can pair silver bracelets with any type of outfit depending on the occasion they would attend. If it is a casual look, a sleek charm bracelet would go perfectly with jeans and a T-shirt. If it is a glam occasion like a wedding, silver bracelets would blend perfectly with a gorgeous outfit. You can also wear them at formal events with a dress or skirt blouse. 
  • Experiment with different Styles: Silver bracelet is no more only about traditional designs anymore. Sterling silver bracelets are preferred immensely because of their modern, sleek, fashionable, and lightweight designs. There are so many different types of silver bracelets available these days that are hugely popular among girls of all ages. Fira has the most attractive silver bracelet for girls with price that will surprise you and won’t cross your budget as well. 

Fira Sterling Silver Bracelets – the Best for Girls

Girls these days prefer silver bracelets that are sleek, modern, and long-lasting. And should not be heavy on the price point as well. When all these aspects go into your mind, then there is only one brand that can do justice to your demands is one and only Fira. All the bracelets from Fira are extremely stylish and very sophisticated. They are absolutely made for girls of today’s age. 

The best part of Fira silver bracelets is that they are made exclusively in India by the finest craftsmen. All the products are designed to keep the latest trends in the market with best quality silver and AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds. All the bracelets have the BIS Hallmark logo engraved and also come with an authentic BIS Hallmark Certificate. With Fira bracelets, you know that you have made a valuable investment that would last a lifetime for your girl. 

Handpicked Fira Bracelets only for You

The sterling silver bracelet collection from Fira is truly magnificent and my absolute favorite. I can guarantee that once you purchase you would definitely love to make more in your collection. So here I am to make your job a little easier by choosing my top 5 bracelets from Fira. 

  • Fira Silver Pave Round Studded Bracelet
  • This would be the perfect and most royal bracelet for your girl that will undoubtedly be her favorite jewelry forever. If there is a royal event to attend, this bracelet will garner lots of compliments for your girl. This is an anti-tarnish bracelet with silver rhodium polish and has 125 AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds encrusted. This has an adjustable double-layered chain.

  • Fira 925 Silver Rosegold Triangle Bracelet
  • This rose gold rhodium polish anti-tarnish bracelet would be the most perfect companion for any casual outing and would go perfectly with any outfit. It has triangle charms all around with a big triangle charm in the center. It has adjustable hooks for any wrist size and 50 AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds.

  • Fira Silver Round Cut Clover Shape Bracelet
  • If layering with other bracelets is there in your mind, then this should be your choice. This clover-shaped bracelet would perfectly team up with sleek chain bracelets and would be a killing combination. This is also anti-tarnish and has silver rhodium polish with 78 AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds.

  • Fira Silver Circle Happy Star Bracelet
  • This bracelet is perfect for teenagers with a circle and a star to make you absolutely happy. This can be your first-ever bracelet that will forever stay etched in your heart. It has an adjustable hook and has silver rhodium polish.

  • Fira Silver Diamond Ring Sterling Bracelet
  • This is also another bestseller and the most unique piece from Fira. This has a diamond ring as a charm along with balls. It has an adjustable hook and gives a very elegant and charming look.

    Apart from the above collection you can also look for other designs from and purchase a silver bracelet for your girl. 

    So let your beautiful girl wear the most beautiful crown and adorn her wrist with the magnificent sterling silver bracelets from Fira!!! 

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