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Anklet Etiquette: When, Where, and How to Flaunt Your 925 Sterling Silver Anklets - FIRA

12 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Choosing appropriate jewellery for an occasion though it might sound easy in reality, is quite a daunting task. You just can't wear any ornament from your jewellery casket and attend an event. There are ways to know when and where a particular ornament needs to be worn. Mark my words it is still easy to choose an earring or a necklace but it is quite challenging to select the right anklet that won’t overdo yet would never miss the desirable attention. 

Among modern women these days, 925 sterling silver anklets have achieved sky-high popularity. It's up to you whether you love them or hate them but you definitely cannot ignore them. Those tiny pieces of sleek anklets or ankle bracelets as you call them have become the most sought-after silver jewellery of this era. 

Wearing a particular anklet depends on a lot of situations, from seasons to events you attend. Even you should also know there are things that need to be avoided while wearing an anklet. Before going into these details let's put some light on the origin of silver anklets. 

Brief History of Silver Anklets

Anklets have been worn by women from different regions for more than thousands of years. From Egypt to the Middle East to India, you will find them everywhere connected with women being an integral part of their jewellery. Moreover, silver anklets have different meanings and significance in different regions and countries. In many regions, pure silver anklets for women are symbolized as protection from negativities and have spiritual connections. On the other hand, there are places where wearing silver anklets is the symbol of their marital status or engagement. 

This is the reason that pure silver anklets have been associated with women since 6000 BC. During those times only women from affluent families could afford them to wear on a regular basis and also during weddings and special occasions. In modern society, they are the symbol of femininity and independence. These recent years, silver anklets have achieved a resurgence in popularity. 

In Egypt, they are popularly known as ‘Khalakheel’. In Indian society, silver anklets are extremely popular as ‘Payals’ and is compulsory during weddings, engagements, baby shower, and many sacred events. 

Which Ankle to Wear Silver Anklets?

This is the most common question that comes to everyone’s mind is which ankle should they wear silver anklets. Trust me there is no hard and fast rule to wear silver anklets on a particular ankle. You can wear it on anyone as per your choice or if you want you can even wear it on both ankles at a single time. For example, Payals are worn on both ankles instead of wearing on a single ankle. 

Still, if you want to know about their significance, wearing a silver anklet on your right ankle signifies you are not in a relationship or unmarried. It also signifies that you are in search of a partner. On the other hand, wearing silver anklets on your left ankle signifies your marital status or you are in a committed relationship. In India, wearing on the left ankle also signifies womanhood and sensuality. 

Definitely, it looks trendy and simplistic to wear sterling silver anklets for women on one ankle. However, if you prefer to create a bold look or an even look, you can always choose to wear them on both ankles. You can also create a modern look by layering two or more anklets. If you love to create a unique look, you can definitely mix and match by wearing different designs on both ankles. Trust me, these looks would never go unnoticed with exclusive sterling silver anklets from Fira. 

Positioning of Anklets

Now that you know that silver anklets can be worn on any ankle of your choice or on both ankles at a single time, I would like to inform you that the positioning of anklets is very important. It is always suggested to wear silver anklets on bare skin rather than wearing them on something else. You can definitely wear it with jeans or trousers as long as it ends above the ankles so that your anklets are visible. Do not wear silver anklets on top of the pants. 

You can either choose for a loose fit that would rest gently on top of your feet or can go for snug feet that fit perfectly around your ankles. If it has a charm or bold designs, make sure they are placed just above your knuckles so that they look stunning and attractive. 

Etiquettes to Sterling Silver Anklets

925 silver anklets online are one of the most versatile ornaments one can find. The best part is that Fira sterling silver anklets look stunning with every outfit you wear. It is true that wearing jewellery depends a lot on your personal style and preferences and most importantly the ones you feel comfortable with. There are many women who love to wear silver anklets every day while there are others who choose to wear them occasionally. Summer months are mostly preferred for wearing sleek anklets when you are enjoying at a beach or relaxing in a pool. 

Well, it actually doesn’t matter whatever outfit you choose to team up with your sterling silver anklets online, there are certain rules and etiquette that one must always follow when you wear them. 

Right Place to Wear

The most important thing is to decide the place you would be where you wear your designer sterling silver anklets. Many women think that anklets are not meant for the workplace or in any professional setting. This myth would be busted the moment you look into the collections from Fira. Doesn’t matter whether your workplace is a complete corporate sector or a Hollister store or something in between formal and casual, Fira silver anklets are meant for everyone. 

In your workplace, women mostly wear formal suits, kurta sets, formal dresses, and sarees. It is always advisable not to wear silver ankles that have bells or chimes which would create noise. It is safe to wear one with a sleek and sophisticated design. It will look stunning with cropped pants and suits, cropped kurta sets, formal dresses, and even sarees. 

On the other hand, you can choose for any design when you are on a beach holiday, a vacation, relaxing by the pool, or a brunch outing with your friends. You can even wear silver anklets during a wedding, engagements, and even dinner dates. 

Outfits You Choose

Choose your outfits wisely when you choose to pair them with sterling silver anklets from Fira. Additionally, if you want to make a striking look just combine it with some killer shoes. However, please make sure that your footwear should never clash with your anklets rather it should complement and enhance your look. When you wear it with stiletto pumps, it will give you the most attractive look. You can also wear them with summer shoes like flip-flops, backless loafers, and sliders. 

If you are wearing a formal outfit make sure your ankles are visible so that the anklets do not hide. With casual outfits, they go absolutely great. So wear it with cropped jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and even bikinis, you are sure to be the queen of your own world. 

Consider Your Personal Style

Never ever wear jewellery and outfits that do not match your personal style and choices. Trust me, if you are not comfortable with what you wear and do not feel confident while carrying them, no matter how costly a jewellery or an outfit is, it will look horrible on you. So whenever you purchase silver anklets online, please keep in mind your personal style and do not buy something that is just in trend but not meant for you. 

Not everyone can flaunt black lipstick with finesse but those who can confidently carry them look the ultimate bold queen. Nothing is good or bad, it all depends upon you the way you carry them. Similarly, you should not choose silver anklet designs that are not on par with your preference though it may be a bestseller. Follow your instincts and respect your choice, then you will never regret with your purchase. 


  • What is the significance of Sterling silver anklets for women?
  • In ancient times, silver anklets were majorly used as amulets that were worn on the ankles to remain close to the ground. Hence, they are mainly used as a protection from negative energy and bad health. Moreover, in certain regions, they are worn on the left ankle to signify the marital status of a woman. 

  • Can men wear silver anklets?
  • It is a myth that only women can wear silver anklets. Silver anklets can be worn by men also and there are certain designs that are meant for men only. In the Middle Eastern and African regions, it was considered that men who have high social status and are affluent wear pure silver anklets. 

  • Is there a scientific reason for wearing silver anklets?
  • There are also scientific reasons to wear silver anklets. Wearing a silver anklet revibrates the energy in your body. Also wearing silver anklets increases the blood circulation in your body which results in preventing swelling of feet and leg pain. 

  • Can I layer two or more silver anklets from Fira?
  • Yes, absolutely you can layer different designs of Fira anklets and create a stunning look. You can even mix and match different anklets and wear it on both feet to create a bold look. 

  • Do I need to match my outfit with sterling silver anklets?
  • Though silver anklets are versatile pieces of jewellery, still it is better to match your outfits based on the anklets. These days silver anklets are available in different finishes like silver, gold, and rose gold. Apart from this, they are also enamelled with different colours. So it would be an added advantage if you match your outfit based on the colour of the silver anklets. 

    Its high time to flaunt your style and be that fashionable Diva with Fira Sterling Silver Anklets!!!

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