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Buy Jewellery Online and Choose From a Unique Selection - FIRA

01 May 2023 0 Comments

The phenomenon of online shopping has literally taken the entire world by storm. Who doesn’t love the comfort of shopping sitting on your couch dodging all those long queues while paying the bill? You can always finish that tub of yummy ice cream which you have been craving for the entire week while shopping for your favorite stuff. Even you can buy jewellery online these days with a plethora of options to swirl your head. 

Sounding surprised???

Trust me dear, jewellery shopping online is the latest craze in the e-commerce world that everyone is falling into. Even you can buy precious jewellery like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, precious stones, and even pearls from trusted sources. Buying sterling silver jewellery from a trusted online source is a great idea to adorn yourself and make yourself feel special. And when it is about unique silver jewellery, no one can ignore the magic and aura of the Fira jewellery. 

Know about Silver Jewellery

Before you do online jewellery shopping it is always better to know in detail about silver jewellery so that you can get value for your money. You will get silver jewellery mainly in two versions – oxidized silver jewellery and sterling silver jewellery. The composition of both these types is mainly 92.5 silver where it is made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Pure 100% silver is not used for jewellery as it is very soft and pliable, hence cannot be carved into jewellery. So copper is mixed to carve it into jewellery and is the most common form of silver for making ornaments. 

The majority of the traditional designs come in an oxidized finish. They are heavy-weight and a bit costly. You will get all the antique and tribal designs in an oxidized finish. On the other hand, sterling silver jewellery is lightweight and very affordable. They come in minimal designs which is best for regular use. Most sterling silver jewellery has a rhodium finish so that the shine remains even after regular wear. 

Apart from this, it is also important to know that before buying make sure the silver jewellery has a genuine BIS hallmark in it along with an authentic certificate with Reg No. all the products you purchase from Fira come with a BIS hallmark in it along with an authentic certificate. 

Why Silver Jewellery is a worthwhile Investment?

When it's about the most expansive metal in the world for jewellery, silver comes third in rank. Even I know about many people who'll always prefer silver jewellery over gold and diamonds. So you can understand the actual craze about silver jewellery. If you are willing to buy silver jewellery online India, you should go for Fira for the most unique designs under a single roof. So let me explain to you in detail that apart from gold and diamonds, silver is also a great investment. 

    • Never-ending trend for Silver Jewellery: The trend and demand for silver jewellery is always high as you can carve any designs as per your preferences. And what better way to stay in trend and not break your bank other than wearing silver jewellery? If you will check about global market trends, the majority are for silver jewellery. 
    • Worth the Investment: Apart from gold and diamonds, silver jewellery is also considered valuable assets hence they are worth the investment. Most importantly, you can pass your silver jewellery to the next generation as heirloom jewellery. So it literally carries your legacy even after your death. 
    • Silver is long-lasting and durable: The most favorable reason to choose silver jewellery is that it will last you a lifetime. Silver jewellery is very strong and durable and doesn't break or bend very easily. So undoubtedly it’s your best companion round the year. 
    • Silver is hypoallergenic: The most promising part of silver jewellery is that it is hypoallergenic in nature. So if you are someone who is prone to metal allergies, let me inform you silver is completely safe to wear as there won’t be any skin irritation. 
    • Beneficial to health: Though you might be surprised to know silver jewellery is actually beneficial to your health if you wear it. It helps in the formation of bones and makes them stronger. They are great to reduce pain and muscle aches and are also great for blood vessels. 
    • Therapeutic in Nature: Silver jewellery is actually great for your mental health and is hence used a lot for therapeutic purposes as well. As per astrology, silver jewellery is used to get rid of negativities from your life. It also controls your anger and lets you keep in peace. 
  • Easy to clean: It is very convenient to clean silver jewellery and maintain its shine because of its anti-fungal and microbial properties. And they don’t even tarnish very easily unlike imitation or copper jewellery. 
  • Fira with all its glory

    If it is about silver jewellery, then it has to be Fira. No other brand can compete with its uniqueness along with its aura and charm. You will get the most unique designs at the most attractive pricing that you can ever think of. I am an old customer of theirs and I can always vouch for the quality of their products. And the pieces of jewellery you will get are completely unique designs that you will find nowhere. 

    The pieces of jewellery made by Fira come in silver, gold, and rose gold finish and are made with pure 92.5 sterling silver with top quality AAA+ graded cubic zirconia diamonds. So do not get mistaken judge the quality of the products with its affordable pricing because the quality of the product is of top priority in Fira. All the products have genuine BIS hallmark engraved and also come with an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015).

    Types of jewellery available in Fira

    Fira is extremely renowned for its unique designs when it comes to online jewellery shopping. This little box of luxury carries with it a lot of emotion and love that never ends. Fira jewellery can be worn by women of all ages irrespective of their skin complexion. And the best part is that silver jewellery is so versatile that you can wear them anywhere you like. 

    The different categories of jewellery you get to purchase from Fira are as follows:

    • Necklace: Heavy-weight silver necklaces have always been in huge demand since time immemorial. However, these days minimal jewellery is all over the world. The necklaces available in Fira are very beautiful and unique that is uber stylish with dainty looks. 
    • Earrings: There is a pool of options for you when you look for earrings at Fira. From studs to danglers, you will get every type of earrings you want at different prices. So to get that modern royal look always adorn earrings from Fira. 
    • Anklets: The most underrated jewellery in India is anklets. It's high time that they get their deserved glory because whether you accept it or not you can never ignore the magic of beautiful anklets. The anklets from Fira literally make your feet talk. 
    • Bracelets: Gone are those days when rings are the only option to propose to your girl. The best way to ask for the hand of your girl is by giving her a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. Thank me later cause she will never say no to you. The bracelets from Fira are adjustable so wrist size doesn't matter and anyone can wear them. 


    • How do I maintain silver jewellery?

    Silver jewellery doesn't requires much maintenance still if you use it carefully, it will last you a lifetime without tarnishing. It is advised to clean silver jewellery after every use with a clean muslin cloth to remove dirt and sweat. 

    • Where should I keep my Fira silver jewellery when not in use?

    It is always advised to store your Fira silver jewellery in the box provided at the time of purchase. It is always better to store the box in a cool dark place devoid of sunlight. Since it is antifungal and has microbial properties, it is easy to maintain its shine. 

    • Are Fira jewellery long-lasting and durable?

    All the pieces of jewellery from Fira are made with pure sterling silver so they are very long-lasting. They are also very strong and hence do not break or bend easily. 

    • Does Fira have a good collection of rose gold jewellery?

    Fira has a beautiful and unique collection of rose gold jewellery ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. The rose gold color does not tarnish easily. 

    • From where do I get Fira silver jewellery?

    You can purchase Fira sterling silver jewellery from their registered website and can select your favorite jewellery. You can also visit their store in Surat with a prior appointment if you stay in and around Surat. 

    So if you are someone whose heart beats faster at the looks of silver jewellery, then Fira sterling silver jewellery is sure to take your heart away!!!

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