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Glam up Your Feet: The Ultimate Guide to 925 Silver Anklets Online - TheFira

22 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Silver anklets are the best way to show love to your beautiful feet on a regular basis. If there is one piece of jewelry that is most underrated, it is silver anklets. Many people don't consider it as an important piece of jewelry. Antique silver anklets accentuate your feet in ways nothing can do. They are the best way to make your feet look graceful. Through silver anklets, the beautiful Indian culture and traditions are highlighted to the world in the most attractive way. 

Silver ankle chains are used all year round by many ladies. Along with this anklets are also high in fashion these days. Modern ladies prefer to adorn anklets more than traditional chains around their feet. The best part of these pure silver anklets is that they can be worn on any occasion be it a business event, office party, casual outing, and also to a wedding. Hence pure silver anklets online are such a craze because you get a plethora of designs at different price ranges. 

Why you should style it with a silver anklet?

Traditional pure silver chains and payals have been prevalent among Indian ladies since time immemorial. They look so beautiful with intricate designs and the beautiful hymns generated from those silver balls. With the evolution of time, those heavily designed payals were not regularly used as women these days prefer light and dainty pieces of jewelry much more than heavier ones. And this is when pure silver anklets came into the market. 

Pure silver anklets are made for all occasions and all age groups. Traditional Indian payals have heavy designs which make them a bit costly whereas silver anklets are light-weighted making them quite affordable. Unlike traditional payals that you wear on both feet, anklets can be worn on any one of them or on both as well. It depends upon your choice of the way you want to style them with any outfit. Only make sure that whatever you wear, they should be visible. 

Different ways to style a silver anklet

There are so many ways to style silver anklets that you would always love to purchase many of them. Wearing silver anklets on your feet is the most beautiful and confident way to flaunt your feet. Trust me beautiful feet is the most alluring part of your body and the best way to grab eyeballs towards you. The best part is they look beautiful irrespective of your skin complexion. 

  • If you wear silver anklets with a Saree, make sure you wear a stiletto so that those beautiful, dainty anklets are visible. 
  • You can also wear silver anklets with any other ethnic wear as well as Western outfits. Planning for a beach vacation, make sure to style with silver anklets. 
  • Make that dreamy barefooted walk through the beach most dramatic by adorning your silver anklets. 
  • They can also be excellently styled with shorts and skirts as well. A dainty chain with a hint of sparkle, and an anklet with charms dangling at the end, can give you the best showstopper look. 
  • It is recommended not to style silver anklets with stockings and tights. It is because these outfits are made with very fine materials and silver anklets can easily get stuck to the edges and are prone to breakage. 
  • It's always an added advantage if you match the color and style of your outfits with silver anklets. It will always put that extra piece of attention on your magnificent feet. 

Different types of Silver

The most commonly used pure silver jewelry is oxidized silver and sterling silver. Oxidized silver gives a black finish and is mostly used in traditional or tribal-inspired designs. So they are mostly heavy-weight jewelry that is a bit costly. 

The other one is Sterling Silver which is a combination of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper as pure silver is very soft to carve into jewelry. Hence these are commonly used as you can make versatile designs out of them and they are light-weight as well. 

Choosing Silver Anklets Online – a wise decision?

Gone are those days when you have to run to a reliable store to purchase your gold and silver jewelry. The picture is completely different these days my friend. If purchasing silver anklets are there in your mind, you might not run to a jewelry store every time. 925 silver anklets online are a popular choice among ladies with the comfort of being at home. You can get lots of designs and types based on your budget. 

But one thing you need to keep in mind while you buy silver anklets online India is to get it from a reliable buyer or platform. The last thing you want on this earth is your hard-earned money not spending wisely. So it is important to purchase it from a reliable source that provides good quality products, provides authentic certificate, is transparent about the weight and details of the product, have BIS Hallmark registration, and most importantly a bunch of happy customers. 

How to Choose the Right Silver Anklets for You?

Silver anklets are that piece of jewelry that is so versatile that they can be worn by anyone irrespective of their age group and skin complexion. Sterling silver anklets come in different types of finish these days – rhodium polished silver finish, gold plated finish, and also rose gold finish. Many anklets come in high-quality zirconia diamonds. 

Sterling silver anklets come with adjustable chains or straps so that you can wear them as per the diameter of your ankles. It doesn’t matter whether you wear the anklet on your right or left foot or even both the foot. All you need to make sure that the dangler should fall on the tip of the anklet so that the anklet gets highlighted on your feet. 

If Silver Anklets then it has to be Fira

If purchasing silver anklets is there in your mind from the most trustable source in India, then you simply cannot miss the exquisite collection from Fira. You will get the best 925 silver anklets online from Fira with the most intricate designs and the most attractive designs. All the products from Fira are made with genuine sterling silver with an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015). So you can be rest assured that when you purchase anklets from Fira, you are getting a product worthy of your hard-earned money. 

At Fira, you will find different types of silver anklets. From sleek chains to several types of charms, cubic zirconia diamond studded, and also in gold and rose gold finish. All the products have a dainty look with sleek and intricate designs and at the most affordable price range. Most importantly all the anklets from Fira are extremely long-lasting that can be used easily on regular basis. 

So it's time to visit the Fira website and choose your favorite sterling silver anklet among the pool of designs. I have selected a few of my favorite silver anklets below to help you to make your job easier.

  • Fira Box Chain With Rose Pendant Silver Anklet

  • Fira Spacious Rosegold Arrow Silver Anklet

  • Fira Elephant Charm Silver Anklet

  • Fira 7 Tranquil Gemstone Pendant Silver Anklet

  • Fira Elegant Double Layered Silver Chain Anklet


  • Can I buy pure silver anklets from Fira?
  • Yes, you can buy 92.5 silver anklets from Fira. Fira is extremely renowned for its genuine silver products with no compromise to their quality. All the products are made exclusively in India with intricate craftsmanship. 

  • Do the silver anklets from Fira come with a BIS logo?
  • Fira is known as the jewelry brand of trust and the makers are completely transparent about their products. All the silver anklets from Fircomees with a BIS logo on them and you will also get the authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015) with all the details and weight of the product.

  • Will the rose gold silver anklets tarnish over time?
  • Though silver jewelry doesn't require much care but it is always better to use rose gold silver anklets properly. It is advised to wipe it with a clean muslin cloth after every use so that sweat and dirt don't remain in it. This way it won't tarnish and last a long time. 

  • Is it important to wear silver anklets in the proper position?
  • To get the best look from silver anklets it is very important to wear them in a proper position. You should wear it with an outfit where the anklet is visible and it is better to position the danglers on the tip of the ankle to get maximum visibility. 

  • Can I wear silver anklets for any occasion?
  • The best part of silver anklets is their versatility which can be worn with any outfit. You can also wear your sterling silver anklets on any occasion. Most importantly your age and skin complexion don't matter when you wear a sterling silver anklet. Anybody can wear it. 

    So let your feet talk and grab eyeballs towards you. Be at the top of your fashion game and flaunt your beautiful pair of ankles with marvelously designed Fira silver anklets!!

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