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Indian Silver Jewellery - Their Elegance Can Mesmerize You - FIRA

25 May 2023 0 Comments

According to the most renowned phrase, “If clothing is cake, jewellery is icing.”

A true accessory is such that sets apart a stylish woman from others. If two women wear the same outfit but one of them accessorizes herself perfectly, would always stand apart from the other one. The right accessory would make you look attractive instantly irrespective of your age. 

There are occasions when donning an excellent outfit is not enough for the platter to turn heads toward you and become the ultimate shining star of the event. You need to add that extra zing of charm and elegance that only beautiful jewellery can bring. This beauty can only be found in your jewellery casket. No jewellery is as splendid as silver jewellery which is pedantically designed to accentuate the aesthetics of a woman. 

One such accessory is sterling silver anklets that would spark youth even in older women as well. Silver anklets absolutely enhance your overall ensemble irrespective of the occasion you attend. So it’s high time these underrated pieces of jewellery should be displayed to make the world shine brighter. The silver anklets from Fira are just the right piece of ornament to adorn your feet and make them look beautiful. 

How Silver Anklets should make Women feel?

When you wear stunning anklets, your feet are emphasized to be the most beautiful part of your body, making you feel more confident and happy about yourself. Wearing an anklet that is exclusively made for you and flaunts your feet is incredibly empowering. 925 sterling silver anklets are just there to put an extra smile onto your face on any occasion or event you attend. And wearing a Fira sterling silver ankle bracelet just can’t go wrong with any outfit of yours.

Silver anklets are the most underrated piece of jewellery but it has been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial. If you will go deep into Indian history, it has been seen that traditional silver anklets, or Payals as they are known have been the ultimate portrayal of Indian women. From Indian weddings to baby showers, wearing payals has been considered auspicious and sacred. Silver anklets add a feminine touch of love and belongingness to every woman. 

Why you should wear silver anklets?

My love for silver jewellery knows no bounds and if there is any piece of jewellery that has my heart after silver necklaces, is a beautiful dainty sterling silver anklets. There are several reasons that make silver anklets one of my favorites. 

  • Pure silver anklets online are probably the sexiest and the most feminine piece of jewellery that an Indian woman can wear. 
  • Nothing is evergreen and trending other than a silver anklet. Either you can go for traditional silver ankle jewellery or a sleek minimal silver anklet, you would never regret purchasing them if you are a silver jewellery lover. 
  • Anklets or ankle bracelets in simple designs are the signs of modern women these days. Global brands like Marc Jacobs and Chloe also have their own set of anklets. Such is the rising popularity of anklets these days. 
  • Your day at the beach is undoubtedly more shimmery because of a beautiful sleek anklet that blends perfectly with your shorts and pair of flip-flops. 
  • Symbolic charmed anklets have their own magpie effect. It not only has a visual appeal but also has a spiritual and healing effect. Evil eye or Hamza charms in sterling silver anklets are the latest in the craze that is immensely loved by modern-day women. 

What you should look for while purchasing sterling silver anklets?

925 silver anklets online are the ultimate symbol of elegance and beauty. A beautiful piece of silver anklet has the capability to brighten even the dullest of outfits. Such is the aura and charm of silver anklets. There are certain criteria one should follow while purchasing silver anklets that should stand apart from everything else. 

  • Less is always more. That’s what modern-day sterling silver anklets are all about. Sleek anklets with minimal charm are the ultimate choice of women for regular usage. Anklets from Fira are sleek and minimal and high in fashion. 
  • Simplicity is the best and the rule of thumb is that being in fashion is not about always being loud with your style. Rather simplicity is more attractive and shines the best amidst the crowd. This is the reason that the Love Bangle from Cartier is at the epitome of fashion for over 45 years. Nothing can beat the simplicity and elegance of Fira anklets. 
  • It’s all about colors these days. And trust me there is nothing wrong with colors as long as you wear them in the correct way with proper confidence. Fira anklets come in silver, gold, and rose gold finish with different types of charms or beads. 
  • Silver anklets should be beautiful and long-lasting. They should be capable of standing the test of time. Fira anklets are renowned for their best quality and are extremely long-lasting. They won’t break easily with regular usage. 
  • Authentic silver jewellery should come with the BIS hallmark on each piece of jewellery along with the authentic certificate with the BIS Identification number. This way you know that the silver jewellery you are purchasing is authentic and has proper resale value. Every piece of silver jewellery from Fira has the BIS logo engraved in it along with an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015). 
  • From the seller you are purchasing silver jewellery make sure they have the buyback policy. All the jewellery from Fira including silver anklets have a resale value. So when you purchase sterling silver anklets from Fira, you would get all the details along with the bill so that in the future you can resell the product you purchased. 
  • Make sure the seller from whom you are purchasing silver anklets is a trustable source and give pure sterling silver with an authentic certificate. There are many fraud sellers these days who sell German silver instead of pure sterling silver. Make sure that German silver doesn’t come with a BIS hallmark. Fira is a renowned trustable source that provides authentic products with authentic BIS hallmarks and has a huge line of satisfied customers. 

Fira – the best brand for Sterling Silver Anklets

Fira is the best jewellery brand in India for authentic and quality sterling silver ornaments. So when you are thinking of purchasing 925 sterling silver anklets, think of nowhere apart from Fira. Because trust me the quality of the anklets with respect to their affordable pricing is something you would never ever get with any other brand in India. The unique designer silver anklets from Fira are something no other brand will be able to provide. 

Fira specializes in keeping the royal Indian touch with its anklets and still being modern which is globally accepted. Fira is a homegrown local brand that proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ campaign and all of its products are exclusively made in India. Silver anklets are made with purest sterling silver and have a rhodium finish to retain the high shine of the ornaments and are encrusted with AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds. 

You can buy sterling silver anklets from Fira from their online store and select your favorite anklets. 


  • Can Fira anklets be worn with any feet size?
  • Yes, Fira anklets can be worn with women of any foot size. The best feature of Fira anklets is that they have adjustable hoops so that they can be worn around ankles with any diameter. All you need is to adjust the chain with the diameter of your ankle. 

  • How soon will I get my Fira anklets once it is ordered?
  • Fira is very renowned for its quick delivery. So the moment you have made the order for silver anklets, it will be delivered to you within 7 days. We use trustable shipping partner so that your product is delivered as soon as possible without any damage. Fira takes full responsibility for the products if there is any damage to their delivery. 

  • Can you wear silver anklets during your vacations?
  • Fira silver anklets are designed in such a way that they will be your ultimate jewellery partner during your vacations. Especially if you are on a beach vacation, it will be the perfect companion to walk by the beach barefoot wearing your shorts or floral dresses. You can also pair your Fira anklets with flip-flops. 

  • Do Fira anklets are extremely costly?
  • The best part of Fira jewellery not only their anklets is their attractive affordable price range. However, do not get mistaken about the quality of the product because of its affordable price range. The quality of the silver anklets from Fira is something you will never get with any other brand in India. 

  • Do Fira ship its products pan India?
  • Yes, Fira ships its products all across India. We have free standard delivery all over India. We also have express delivery options in many parts of India. All you need is to enter your pin code during the purchase and know about the delivery options and delivery time. 

    So hop onto the website of Fira and purchase your favorite sterling silver anklet and adorn your beautiful feet every single day!!!!

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