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Inspiring Women: Celebrating Female Artisans Crafting Pure Silver Earrings - FIRA

06 Jul 2023 0 Comments

On a dull boring day, all you need is a dash of Ruby Woo and a pair of Silver Earrings!!!

Women who know about fashion know the significance of Ruby Woo and a pair of silver earrings. Trust me, combining these two can transform any look to the next level. Ladies’ silver earrings are the most iconic ornaments that have attained untold popularity. Such is the popularity of silver earrings that it has inspired female artisans to handcraft beautiful pure silver earrings. 

There was a time when silver jewellery was not a mainstream ornament but was restricted to certain people only. With time silver ornaments, especially silver earrings have elevated to top-drawer status for every event like weddings, festivals, formal meetings, casual gatherings, and everything in between. With Fira pure sterling silver earrings, you are absolutely party ready for whatever event you want to attend. 

Why Silver Earrings are an important part of Indian Traditions?

When it comes to Indian jewellery, no other country has as much royalty and variety as India. Indian jewellery is truly one of a kind. With its rich heritage in India, Fira takes immense pride in promoting it through its beautiful pieces of handcrafted ornaments. Fira has inspired many talented female artisans to be part of their team and handcraft stunning sterling silver earrings. The silver earrings that are manufactured in Fira have an impeccable balance between Indian traditions and modern trends and designs. 

Jewellery in India is not just an accessory. They have deeper meanings. It is the most significant aspect of the ‘Solah Shringar’. Pure silver earrings have been an integral part of Indian traditions and customs. Many women prefer to adorn pure silver earrings at every event they attend. With time these designs have changed a lot and adapted the modern trends. Women in India not only love traditional designs but have also shown immense love for lightweight, subtle, and sleek silver earrings. 

Important Tips for Purchasing Pure Silver Earrings Online

Online shopping has taken the entire world into a roar. Fine jewellery shopping from online platforms is extremely popular however you need to be very cautious when you tend to buy silver earrings online. Silver earrings are a classic treasure for every woman who is mad about fine jewellery. Silver earrings have attained a timeless and stylish alternative to make any simple outfit gorgeous and Fira brings you the best with their collection. I am here to share a few tips when you buy online.  

  • Price of Silver Earrings: Silver is a valuable metal with which precious fine jewellery is made. Hence, earrings made of pure silver won’t be inexpensive however they should not be overpriced also. So make sure that the product you get, the price should be justified. The best way to assess that is by knowing the market price of silver. This will help you to know the minimum price and based on that you know whether you get quality products or not. 

At Fira, sterling silver earrings are not at all overpriced but are not cheap as well. You pay exactly for the quality product you receive. Do a brief comparison of the price from other silver jewellery brands and you would know that Fira gives you the best price possible for the premium quality product you receive. 

  • BIS Hallmark Jewellery: Whether you buy silver, gold, or platinum jewellery, it is mandatory to have BIS Hallmark engraved in it to ensure its authenticity. Pure silver jewellery from trustworthy brands would always have the markings to verify its originality. The hallmark of silver earrings online is very small and usually present on the inner side of the earring. 

Besides the hallmark, make sure you get the authentic BIS certificate with a genuine BIS id. Fira silver earrings not only have a BIS hallmark engraved in them but also comes with an authentic BIS Hallmark Certificate. 

  • Trusted Seller: When you look forward to purchasing the best silver earrings online, please make sure you buy them from a trusted and genuine seller. Do extensive research on the seller from whom you are buying the product, look for reviews from their previous customers, go through their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, look for their number of followers, and also their customer service. 

All the above points are very important to decide on the seller from whom you would purchase silver earrings. Fira is the most genuine brand in India that has a good chain of happy customers. We are absolutely transparent about our policies and terms & conditions. We keep the customer’s information discreet. All the product details, its weight, no of diamonds used, everything is mentioned on our website, so that you know everything about the product you purchased. 

  • Customer Service and Post Sale Services: A genuine online jewellery brand should have good customer service to answer all the queries of their customers. Trust me, this builds a great bond between the customer and the brand. Post-sale services are also very important to retain previous customers. Helping existing customers regarding the products they bought, and fixing any issues with the jewellery will not make them happy but you will also get recommendations. 

Fira ensures that their customer service is top-notch with knowledgeable representatives who will be capable to guide the customers regarding any query. Furthermore, the after-sale service is also excellent. For any issue with the products, we help our customers to fix them. Due to this reason not only do we have a lot of repeat customers but also get new ones from their recommendations. 

Bestseller Sterling Silver Earrings at Fira

Fira is a renowned brand in India that has stunning designs, impeccable quality, and great pricing. Very few brands will be able to provide all these three aspects together in a single piece of jewellery. With Fira silver earrings, you don’t have to be bankrupt to own silver jewellery. So when it comes to fine silver earrings from Fira, do not restrict yourself to only one when you can have many. I have narrowed down the search with my favorite silver earrings from Fira. 

  • Fira Silver Diamond Cluster Solitaire Stud Silver Earrings
  • Nothing is so royal and elegant as a solitaire stud earring. And with this cluster solitaire stud, you will get the most sophisticated look ever imagined. It has 42 +AAA cubic zirconia diamonds and anti-tarnish silver rhodium polish. The solitaire diamond is white in color and has a round cut.

  • Fira Silver Twin Oval Shaped Half Gemstone Stud Earrings
  • This gemstone stud is the perfect balance between Indian culture and modern designs. Gemstones are immensely loved by Indian women and in a subtle color to make it appropriate to wear on any formal event as well as in a casual outing. It is made in 925 sterling silver and has a gold anti-tarnish gold rhodium polish.

  • Fira Silver Sleek Rose Gold Lotus Flower Earrings
  • Lotus being the national flower of India has a lot of significance. This rose gold drop earring is the most stylish one you will ever get. It is made of 925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish rose gold rhodium polish and 60 AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds.

  • Fira Rose Gold Half Floral Tassel Silver Earrings
  • Tassel earrings look very gorgeous with any ethnic and Western outfit. They will give you a very royal look. This half-floral tassel silver earring is a must-have in your jewellery casket. It has 40 AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds and rose gold polish.

  • Fira Rose Gold Peacock Charm Silver Earrings
  • I am mad about filigree work in earrings and this peacock earring is the significance of Indian culture and modern design. It is made in 925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish rose gold rhodium polish.

    So with sterling silver earrings from Fira keep the shine intact forever and be a queen!!!

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