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Pure Silver Earrings as Gifts: Symbolizing Love, Friendship, and Celebrations - Fira

29 Jun 2023 0 Comments

No woman has ever said that they don’t love jewelry, even better if they receive jewelry as gifts. Top of that, earrings have always ruled the jewelry industry. After gold, silver earrings are the most sought accessory that gives a royal look to every girl out there. Not even for once, silver earrings have ever been out of trend since time immemorial. From traditional earrings to modern sterling silver earrings, there is a truckload of options for you to choose from. 

These days there are immense options in designs, style, and intricacy for pure silver earrings, that will even beat the craze for gold and platinum earrings as well. And that too at a price that can be affordable for everyone. Moreover, with gold prices rocketing at sky high, it is not possible for everyone to go for gold earrings every single time. And that’s where silver earrings come into the picture. At the price of one heavy gold earring, you can get almost 5 silver earrings. 

Fira gives you the most stunning collection of pure sterling silver earrings online that you will never find anywhere. 

Why Silver Earrings are the Best Gift

Jewelry has always been the best gift for women since ancient times. In today’s age, it is always not possible to wear heavy jewelry everywhere. But you can always wear simple silver earrings on a regular basis hence its demand is always high as compared to other pieces of jewelry. 

  • Huge Collection: Among all kinds of silver jewelry, the variety of silver earrings is always high. And this is the reason that affordable silver earrings are always in demand. For every category, silver jewelry brands have a huge collection of earrings. 
  • Versatile: If there is one silver accessory that is the most versatile one, it has to be the earrings. You can team it with any outfit of your choice for any occasion. Be it a formal outfit or any casual outfit, earrings are the most preferred jewelry by women. 
  • No age bar: When you give a gift to someone, you always need to think about their age. However, when you are doing silver earrings online shopping, you do not have to think about age. Silver earrings can be easily given to women of all age groups. 
  • Best gift for any occasion: For any occasion, silver earrings are the best gift one can give. Certain gifts are meant for a certain specific occasion, however, the picture is completely different with silver earrings. Earrings are that one versatile gift that is perfect for any occasion, be it on a wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Rakhi, or even graduation day. 
  • Price: Price is an important aspect when you think about purchasing a gift. Every gift has a definite price budget and based on that we purchase our gifts. Trust me, when you are looking for pure silver earrings online, you are never out of your budget. 
  • For all skin tones: Silver earrings are best for every skin tone. Silver earrings are the most universal ornaments that would match all complexions. It all depends on grabbing that perfect piece of earrings and how comfortably you carry them. 
  • Customize: Silver earrings are always customizable as per your choice. You can always add that personal touch in silver earrings for that special someone you want to give. Personalized earrings always hold more sentimental value. You can gift silver earrings by recreating lost heirlooms so that she would love that. 
  • Daily Wear: If there is one ornament that can be worn on a daily basis, it has to be silver earrings. Earrings are the best jewelry to wear in an office with formal wear. Even if you prefer to stay at home, you can wear earrings regularly. 
  • Sentimental Value: Gifts have no end but very few gifts hold a sentimental value that can win hearts for sure. Undoubtedly silver earrings are a part of them. These gifts carry lots of personal touches and sentimental values. 
  • Timeless Gift: Like gold and platinum earrings silver earrings are also valuable assets that would last a lifetime. Silver earrings as gifts hold a very important value that would be there for years. Silver earrings can be maintained very easily and you can wear it for a long time. 

Points to look for while gifting Silver Earrings

Now that we know silver earrings are the best gift you can give, so let us look into the points that we need to consider before buying silver earrings as gifts. 

  • Her Style Preference: It is very important to know about the preferences and choices of the person for whom you wish to buy. It is always best to gift earrings as per her choices. If she prefers a classy and elegant look, then go for drop and stud earrings in silver. If she prefers a chic style then you can gift colorful silver earrings online. If she prefers to dress in ethnic wear, then you can always gift traditional silver earrings like jhumkas, chandbalis, etc. 
  • Occasion: Definitely occasion is very important to consider when you look forward to buying silver earrings as gifts. If it is a casual occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or any casual meeting, you can gift her studs and hoop earrings which would look extremely classy. If it is any gorgeous occasion like a wedding or engagement ceremony, then you can definitely go for stunning drop earrings in different styles and designs. 
  • Face Shape: Put your brains to some real work and consider her face shape. Trust me, the shape of the face plays a pivotal role to buy earrings. You should always gift earrings that will have a balanced look and the face would look elongated. If someone has a round face shape, it is better to avoid hoops. 
  • Budget: You should select silver earrings for gifts as per your budget. Pure silver earrings start from a minimum of 1000 INR and almost go up to 50,000 INR. So it is vital to select your budget when you tend to gift silver earrings. 

Why you should gift Silver Earrings from Fira?

When you look forward to buying silver earrings for gifts, Fira should be the only brand that you should choose. Fira is the only brand in India that has a wide variety of sterling silver earrings under different categories and different price ranges. Even you can buy silver earrings for kids and girls as well. All the earrings are made exclusively in India by the best craftsmen. Only the best quality sterling silver and top-graded AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds are used. 

By purchasing silver earrings, you are proudly contributing towards the ‘Make in India’ campaign. All the earrings come with BIS Hallmark engraved on it and also an authentic BIS certificate is provided with every purchase. Every silver earring from Fira has a lifetime plating warranty and also a 10-day money back guarantee. 

There are different types of silver earrings made by Fira like studs, drops, danglers, and hoops. They come in different colors and also in silver, gold, and rose gold finish. The kids’ collection is also very beautiful and cute and comes in vibrant colors. I have listed below few of my favorite silver earrings that will be amazing option as gifts. 

  • Fira Silver Kids Pink Butterfly Stud Earrings

  • Fira Silver Twin Oval Shaped Half Gemstone Stud Earrings

  • Fira Timeless Teardrop Cut Diamond Halo Silver Earrings

  • Fira Silver Rosegold Engraved Sun Dangle Earrings

  • Fira Rose Gold Peacock Charm Silver Earrings

  • Fira Silver Winsome Love Triplet Earrings Set of 3

    Silver earrings are the most practical and beautiful gift to give someone who loves jewelry. It is also an amazing addition to the jewelry collection. The best about silver earrings is that they can be styled in numerous ways that will uplift your personality.

    Gift the most amazing sterling silver earrings from Fira and make your favorite girl feel special and loved!!!!

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