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Shining Splendour: The Timeless Allure of Sterling Silver Necklace Sets - FIRA

15 Aug 2023 0 Comments

There are hardly any human beings on earth who would say they have never adorned any jewellery in their lifetime. The world of jewellery has gifted us with timeless metals and precious gemstones whereon each of which has its own unique charm and aura. Among these precious metals, sterling silver has captured the hearts of the majority with its timeless elegance and luxurious affordability. 

Silver jewellery especially silver necklaces for women has adorned us for centuries that give an exquisite elegance and unmatchable royalty. There are various types of silver out of which sterling silver is the most popular. The reason behind this is that it's durable, has great aesthetic appeal, timeless allure, and shine, and is affordable making it a sought-after choice for jewellery enthusiasts. 

With Fira’s pure sterling silver necklace set you will witness the timeless allure and shining splendour of silver. In the realm of silver jewellery, Fira is the ultimate true epitome of grace and charm that represents an unmistakable aura. All the pieces especially their necklace sets have become immensely renowned and loved by jewellery lovers all over India. So if you want a breathtaking assortment of designer necklaces, then you should definitely explore Fira. 

Before we dig into details about the timeless allure of sterling silver and why it has become so popular, it is very important to know about what is sterling silver. 

What is Sterling Silver?

Pure silver which is 99.99% pure is very soft and malleable in nature and hence it becomes very difficult to carve it into jewellery. Hence sterling silver comes into the picture with an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This makes it quite hard and easy to carve into jewellery. Moreover, sterling silver is very durable and has a brilliant shine of the silver. 

Silver jewellery in India is mostly available in traditional designs, tribal designs, and modern trendy designs. Sterling silver is so popular among jewellery makers because it is versatile and different kinds of handmade jewellery can be made with it. And most importantly it is affordable that can be availed by many and with proper care it will last you a lifetime. You can also treasure them as precious family heirlooms that can be passed on to the next generations. 

The Process to Manufacture Sterling Silver Necklace Set

Silver is known to be the new gold. With gold prices skyrocketing high, the demand for sterling silver jewellery has increased quite significantly. Sterling silver with the mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper is loved by everyone and is extremely strong as a metal to carve jewellery. 

While manufacturing sterling silver it is of utmost importance to source high quality pure silver. Because if the pure silver content is impure, it would negatively affect the appearance and durability of the jewellery. Experienced techniques are required to undergo the process of casting and stamping in order to give shapes to the metal to carve it into necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. 

Sterling silver jewellery from Fira is all hand polished with anti-tarnish rhodium so that the shine and lustre remain for a lifetime. The necklace sets come in silver, gold, and rose gold finish with a lifetime plating warranty.

  • Copper plays the most important role to provide strength to sterling silver, hence its purity is also very essential. 
  • Both the materials i.e., silver and copper should be the best and purest quality to achieve a quality product. 
  • Intricate craftsmanship is involved in the process of casting and stamping. 
  • Hand polishing with rhodium imparts that classic shine and lustre that stays intact with time. 

Why Sterling Silver is mostly preferred to make Jewellery over Pure Silver?

Now that we know about sterling silver and the process to make it, we understand the reason being it so popular. Though pure silver with 99.99% purity has a brighter shine than sterling silver but has a softer texture, unlike sterling silver. Therefore, it involves complex processes to carve it into jewellery. Additionally, pure silver is rare and requires a difficult refining process before it is ready to carve into ornaments. Hence it is quite expensive in comparison to sterling silver which is easy to manufacture. You get high quality durable jewellery at a lesser cost with sterling silver. 

The Alluring charm of the Sterling Silver Necklace Set from Fira

Fira provides you to embrace the emotional allure and charm of sterling silver necklace online. When all the necklace sets are meticulously crafted, the entire collection gives you a feeling beyond aesthetics that touches the deepest strings of your heart. 

Each of the necklace sets carries an emotion that’s woven into minute intricate details that let you wear a sterling silver necklace chain with pride and utmost grace. Once you go through the entire collection of necklace sets from Fira, you will know that every piece has the perfect touch of royalty, tradition, and modern designs and trends. With every pendant you wear from Fira, you will feel the warmth of love and affection from its makers. 

Reasons Why Women prefers Silver Necklace Sets from Fira

The Fira necklace set for women is for the confident women who face every struggle and come out successfully as a warrior. 

  • Their sterling silver necklaces are the symbol of fearless self-expression and the best way to connect with your deepest emotions without expressing a single word. 
  • If you are looking for the most meaningful gift for your special someone that lets them know about your love for them by gifting them a Fira necklace set. It's the best medium to strengthen love, friendship, trust, and profound appreciation for your special someone. 
  • If you want to adorn versatile fashion statement jewellery, then always go for the necklace sets from Fira. Among the various charms of sterling silver jewellery, its versatility tops the list that lets you express your myriad of emotions with confidence and style. 
  • The sterling silver necklace sets from Fira have a plethora of unique designs that can be mixed and layered to give you a confident look. The layering of silver necklaces provides a chic look that boasts confidence and sparks shine. 
  • When you wear a necklace set from Fira it gives you a highly luxurious look without burning your pocket. If you are looking for an affordable luxury necklace set then you must purchase from Fira. 
  • In the world of fashion, sterling silver has achieved a permanent position with its timeless elegance that tugs at the heartstrings. You can wear sterling silver necklaces from Fira with formal outfits, traditional outfits, and Western outfits. 
  • Each and every necklaces from Fira involves exquisite craftsmanship that is made exclusively in India by the best craftsmen. Every craftsman makes the jewellery for Fira with the ultimate passion and emotion that truly reflects in their products. 
  • All the necklace set has a BIS hallmark in them and with every purchase you get the authentic BIS Hallmark certificate. 


  • Does sterling silver necklaces tarnish?
  • Yes, sterling silver necklaces tarnish over time and develop a charming patina when connected with moisture and air. For this reason, all the pieces from Fira come with an anti-tarnish rhodium polish so that the shine remains for a lifetime. Moreover, if you wear it on a regular basis, with a connection to the natural oils from your skin, the tarnishing process slows down. 

  • Do sterling silver necklace sets rust?
  • Sterling silver necklaces do not rust over time, unlike metals like iron and steel. Rust forms with the corrosion with moisture and oxygen with iron. Since sterling silver has a very less quantity of copper and mainly silver, the process of rusting does not occur. 

  • Can I shower while wearing my sterling silver necklace set from Fira?
  • It is always advised to limit contact with water while wearing sterling silver necklaces to slow down the tarnish process. Though you can wear them it is always advised to remove your jewellery before showering as the contact with soaps and shampoos would expedite the process of tarnishing. 

    So indulge in the enchantment of sterling silver necklace sets from Fira and witness its shining splendour and timeless allure!!!

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