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Silver Anklets with Gemstone Embellishments: Adding Sparkle to Your Feet - FIRA

02 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Anklets are finally having their most awaited moment again and enjoying the most deserved spotlight once again. 

Silver anklets have been in action since the 2nd millennium. The most underrated piece of ornament that has been in existence is silver anklets. Silver anklets for women are back in action with stunning designs that you can never imagine. They not only add sparkle to your feet but also accentuate your entire look to the next level. 

An inevitable part of Indian traditions and culture is that anklets hold a lot of essential values apart from being one of the most prized ornaments. Pure silver anklets in traditional designs also known as Payals are an integral part of Indian customs and celebrations. Weddings, engagements, baby showers, and pujas are incomplete without wearing silver anklets by women. 

With time and evolution, there have been a lot of developments in jewelry designs. Sterling silver anklets for women in modern designs have garnered a huge craze among women all across the world. Fira brings to you the most stunning exclusive collection of silver anklets with gemstones and diamonds. 

The style behind Silver Anklets

Ankle bracelets or anklets in sterling silver are the most alluring and tempting pieces of ornaments for women. Ankles are a very alluring and attractive part of a woman’s body. In earlier colonial times, it was a rare and seldom moment for women to flaunt their ankles, and that was also hardly visible beneath the edge of their dresses and long skirts. Anklets provide a unique bohemian character that gives a very cool casual look. If you are at a beach party, anklets provide you with the most relaxing and refreshing look that can never go unnoticed. They also bring a very gorgeous and royal look with a traditional ensemble. If you are someone who prefers elegant and minimal style, sleek anklets should be for you to attend any formal occasion as well. 

Why are Silver Anklets back in Fashion?

Being a 90’s kid I can feel the utter joy of rewatching my favorite 90’s shows once again. And you would realize that those fashion styles are back in action now. With yesteryear fashion styles back in action, silver anklets top the list. And why not? Pure silver anklets online are the most attractive pieces of jewelry that you will ever find. And most importantly, out of all silver jewelry available, silver anklets comprise 34% of the total silver market in the world. So now you understand why silver anklets are preferred so much. 

Flaunts the Beauty of your Ankles

One of the most modern-day stylings is wearing sterling silver anklets. The best way to flaunt your beautiful feet is by wearing stunning silver anklets. Sleek and elegant anklets draw attention to your ankle in the most sophisticated and subtle way. Wearing beautiful anklets also makes your legs longer and your ankles also look slimmer. If you want to buy silver anklets online, you should definitely look for the stunning collection from Fira. 

Make you look Beautiful and Confident

Not everyone has the courage to flaunt their beautiful feet to the world. Gone are those when women’s feet were well hidden beneath their dresses. With anklets back in fashion, confident and beautiful women love to wear them and this is the reason its popularity has increased so much. No other ornaments bestow such a flirty and fashionable look like sterling silver anklets. No matter wherever you go, with beautiful anklets, you are sure to receive compliments from everyone around. 

Fira is the best brand to buy silver anklets online India that would give you the most stylish anklets to make you look confident and beautiful. All the designs come with beautiful zirconia diamonds and sterling silver, giving a very subtle and modernized look. 

Hypoallergenic property of Sterling Silver Anklets

Another important reason for silver anklets back in fashion is the hypoallergenic property of silver. With so many imitations and metal jewelry available these days, metal allergies have increased a lot. So women with metal allergies can wear silver anklets without any worry silver is hypoallergenic. Sterling silver anklets won’t cause any skin allergy or irritation making it absolutely safe to wear them on a regular basis. 

Skyrocketing Gold Prices

Gold prices have gone skyrocketing high and this has increased the demand for silver jewelry much more than before. It can be said that silver is the new gold these days. Gold anklets are not in much demand hence the craze for sterling silver anklets has gone so high. Moreover, these modern-day designs are lightweight and affordable making them a perfect choice to purchase for everyone. Fira anklets are very affordable and beautiful. 

Health Benefits of Silver Anklets

Apart from being a stunning piece of jewelry, silver anklets also have immense health benefits as well. Silver anklets are considered to be energy healers and form a barrier to the release of positive energy from your body. Moreover, sterling silver anklets prevent swelling of feet and also help in reducing leg pain. It also activates the lymph glands and therefore increases the blood supply in your body. 

Complements your Look

Sterling silver anklets are the best way to complement your look life other beautiful pieces of jewelry. To give a spiced-up look to your outfit and brighten your day, you should adorn your feet with stunning silver anklets. They are capable of transforming your look with any outfit. So this summer, make your beach looks stunning with elegant silver anklets from Fira. 

How to style Silver Anklets with gemstones and diamonds

Silver anklets are available in different shapes and types. Silver anklets with gemstones and diamonds are equally in demand as other types. They can give a gorgeous royal look and also a subtle and elegant look depending on the way you style them. Fira silver anklets come in different shapes and types with top-quality zirconia diamonds that would give you the most embellished look. 

If you want to attend a royal event like weddings and engagements, you can pair your diamond embellished silver anklets with gorgeous ethnic outfits to give the most royal look. You can also sport a casual look with cropped trousers and diamond-embellished silver anklets. Trust me this will garner you tons of compliments and would grab attention to you only. You can also pair diamond silver anklets with shorts and tops and rock the most amazing vacation look. Furthermore, you can wear stilettos, and slippers, or even walk barefoot with silver anklets and highlight your beautiful feet. 

Diamond Silver Anklets from Fira

Fira has a huge collection of sterling silver anklets for women. All of them are rhodium polished and come in silver, gold, and rose gold finishing. These anklets are long-lasting and don’t break easily. There are some premium anklets that have top-graded AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds encrusted in them to give you the most embellished look. All of these anklets have BIS Hallmark encrusted in it and also come with an authentic BIS Hallmark certificate with every purchase. 

These diamond anklets from Fira can be either worn independently or you can also layer them with other anklets from Fira. Moreover, you can use these embellished anklets as bracelets as well. Now you know that these anklets indeed would give you the most versatile look. 

To make your job easier, I have listed below my favorite anklets from Fira with diamond embellishments.

  • Fira Silver Crystal Diamond Cube Anklet

  • Fira Crystal Gem Duplex Chain Silver Anklet

  • Fira Silver Classic Diamond Shrouded Ring Anklet

  • Fira 925 Real Silver Moon Star Charm Chain Anklet

    So add sparkle to your beautiful feet with the most stunning embellished diamond silver anklets from Fira and be the star in your tribe!!! 

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