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Silver Hoop Earrings - What Every Girl Loves to Wear - Fira

26 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Do you know that your simple outfit can be transformed into a magical unmistakable allure?

I know and I have done that innumerable times by just pairing up my simple outfit with a pair of stunning silver hoop earrings. Trust me, this simple piece of jewelry has the power to transform your simple look into the most attractive one. Pure silver hoops can create magic like never before. 

If we will dig deep into the history of pure silver hoops, it will have a connection to the late Neolithic era. They are an integral part of many traditional cultures. Silver hoops have literally stood the test of time and remained strong till date as a renowned fashion trend. 

Why do Girls love to wear Silver Hoops?

Silver hoops are that one statement piece of jewelry that you will see on women who prefer ethnic outfits as well as Western outfits. You can easily wear it for regular purposes as well as for special occasions. So undoubtedly silver hoop earrings can rock with any outfit for women of any age group. With the evolution of time, we have seen that hoops have been rebranded by many stylists rocking every hip-hop scene to any glam rock look. 

These sterling silver earrings can be worn at any time of the day from morning till evening. Even from your casual street look to your stunning beach looks and everything extraordinary in between as well. Fira brings you an exotic collection of sterling silver hoops that has the charm to enhance your look. There has been an evolution in designs of hoops from simple ones to extraordinary ones that it has added aesthetic charm in the most dramatic way. 

What makes Silver Hoops so Attractive?

There are a thousand reasons behind silver hoops being so attractive that you love to wear them innumerable times. If you are mad about silver earrings, you would definitely own more than one silver hoop. 

  • Versatility: The prime reason silver hoops are so popular is their versatility. You can wear it with any type of outfit, from ethnic wear to Western wear. They would easily fit in and would make you look attractive. Moreover, there are several varieties of hoops that comes in different sizes, materials, shape and style. You would get hoops in oxidized silver as well as sterling silver as well. 
  • Grabs attention to your face: Believe it or not, silver hoops would draw attention to your face in ways no other jewelry can do. There is something about their geometry that has created wonders for any facial shape. It's scientific that the geometric symmetry that comes from its circular shape is a leading aspect to consider facial attractiveness. Moreover, silver hoops make you look slim as it enhances your jawline and cheekbones. This is because of the juxtaposition the circular hoops create with the angle of your jaws and cheekbones. 
  • Easy to wear: When it comes to wearing earrings, hoops are the easiest ones to wear. You don't need much difficulty or even a mirror to wear them. Unlike studs, you don't need hooks to wear them. And the best is there is no risk of falling or losing them. So all these features make silver hoops a staple accessory in your jewelry box. 

Types of Silver Hoops

If you will consider the size of the hoops available in the market these days, it’s mainly three types – small, medium, and large. 

  • Small: If you are someone who loves to wear silver stud earrings, then you will definitely love to wear small-sized silver hoops as well. They look so elegant and gorgeous and can be used on regular basis. These days there are many types of patterns that come with small-sized hoops, broader ones have diamonds encrusted giving them a defined look. Some also come in spiral and wavy patterns. 
  • Medium: Medium-sized hoops are perfect for any casual outings or that special business meeting in the office. They can look any outfit to outshine others and draws attention only towards you. These medium silver hoops are the perfect balance between sparkly glam and classic cool. They don't look loud on you but are capable enough to make an independent style statement. You can go for the most unique contemporary look by choosing twisted silver hoops in medium size. 
  • Large: Large silver hoops are for those brave hearts who are not afraid to flaunt extraordinary style to the world. Trust me, you actually need lots of guts to flaunt and carry large silver hoops with complete confidence. These statement earrings literally have the power to make or break any look of yours. If you are going for a night out in a very glamorous outfit, large silver hoops should be your accessory to glam up the entire look. 

Apart from these three types of hoops, there are even square and rectangular-shaped hoops designed these days. You will also get silver hoops in oval or spiked shapes and these are in huge demand these days from the young crowd. Silver hoops also come with different types of beautiful charms that give them a dramatic look. 

Fira – Your Ultimate Jewellery Partner

When it’s all about Sterling Silver Earrings Online India, how come I will miss my favorite brand Fira? Fira is all about ultimate style and elegance at its best. Fira is a home-grown Indian brand that specializes in the best quality sterling silver jewelry. The main USP of Fira silver jewelry is their authentic genuine product and out-of-the-world designs. And this is the reason that ever since its inception it has been gladly accepted by its customers. 

The best thing about pieces of jewellery made by Fira is that they are made exclusively in India by the finest and the most experienced craftsmen with intricate and ethereal designs. All the products are BIS hallmarked and come with an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015). There are a plethora of earrings available in Fira ranging from hoops, studs, danglers, drops, etc. All these earrings are made with the purest sterling silver and top-graded AAA+ graded cubic zirconia diamonds.

The prices of silver hoops and other types of silver earrings in Fira are the most affordable ones that anyone can purchase with any budget. So do not get mistaken about the affordable prices of the products with their quality. Because one point at Fira is that quality is never compromised. Trust me, it’s like owning luxury without burning a hole in your pocket. 

The silver hoop earrings from Fira are extremely long-lasting and do not tarnish so you can always use them on regular basis. My personal suggestion is that if you wear them on regular basis make sure to clean them with water and wipe them with a clean muslin cloth weekly so that there are no specs of dirt and sweat. And this way, you make sure the shine remains that can be passed on to the next generation as a prized possession. 

Fira is renowned to create exceptional silver hoops with ultimate passion. You will find hoops in both silver and rose gold finish. They have been successful in building up their own trademark in silver diamond jewelry. 


  • Are the silver hoops from Fira made with genuine sterling silver?
  • Absolutely, all the silver hoops made by Fira are made with top-quality genuine sterling silver. And this is the reason that all of them are extremely long-lasting, don't break easily, shine remains intact, and is best for regular wear. All of them are rhodium polished to retain the shine of the hoops. 

  • Will the silver hoops from Fira have BIS hallmark?
  • All the silver hoops made by Fira have a BIS hallmark on it and along with this with every purchase you will get an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015). So when you purchase Fira silver hoops you know that it's value for money and a genuine product that is worth your expense. 

  • How do I take care of my silver hoops?
  • Silver jewelry doesn't require many tedious efforts to take care of. If you wear it on regular basis, it is best to wipe with a clean muslin cloth weekly to remove dirt and sweat. If you wear it occasionally, it is best to wipe it after every use so that the shine of the hoops remains intact for a considerable period of time. 

  • Will I get a box with the silver hoops purchased from Fira?
  • Yes, you will get a beautiful box along with the silver hoops that you have purchased from Fira. The boxes have the Fira logo imprinted on them. We suggest that it is best to store your silver hoops in the box provided when not in use. It is best to keep the hoops in the box away from the sunlight. 

  • Can I wear my silver hoops with any outfit?
  • You can wear your sterling silver hoops purchased from Fira with any outfit on any occasion. Such is the versatility of the hoops made by Fira. Even the hoops can be worn by women of any age. The silver hoops by Fira are also a perfect gift option for your loved ones. 

    So glam up your look to some extra inches by adorning sterling silver hoops from Fira and let the love never end!!!

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