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Factors to Consider Before Buying Silver Jewellery Online

15 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Jewellery has been a much sought-after commodity because of its beauty, rarity and magical powers. They have become the symbol of kings, the symbol of power, the symbol of wealth and, more recently, the symbol of love. Every civilization and society majestically displays man's admiration and desire to possess these magnificent gifts of nature. The purchase of Jewellery can be a magical experience. It can be full of excitement, anticipation and pleasure. With the rapid development of technology, commercial organizations have moved from traditional selling to online shops.

Even the most famous and expensive jewellery brands have started selling online because online shops have many advantages:

  • Global and 24/7 access
  • Access to the entire collection with one click
  • Better customer service due to increased flexibility
  • Time and cost savings
  • Faster delivery of products

Knowing what to look out for when buying Jewellery online is also essential. So look at some points you should consider before buying silver Jewellery online.


Silver is used in the contemporary jewellery segment for a variety of Jewellery such as rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings, etc. It is becoming increasingly popular compared to gold Jewellery. Most jewellery designers today prefer to design silver Jewellery for different market segments as the cost of gold continues to rise. People on a limited income prefer to buy silver Jewellery because it fits their budget. Minimalist or colorful, perfect accessories for a casual look or Jewellery for parties: by browsing our site, you will discover the different categories we offer.


How do you know if a piece of Jewellery is made of silver? As we have said many times, you cannot be sure of the identity of metal unless you are an expert or have consulted an expert. However, it is possible to conduct simple tests to detect most fakes reasonably quickly. Here are some points to consider: Sterling silver (92.5% purity) is the most widely sold type of silver for Jewellery. The purity of silver can be determined by the fineness of the stamped Jewellery, which reflects the alloy content (silver and other metals/chemical components). Silver is alloyed with 7.5% copper to give it strength and durability and has an almost familiar color and working properties. If you have a magnet, pass it to your Jewellery. If the Jewellery sticks to the magnet, it is not pure because sterling does not attract magnets.

According to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) rules, jewellers are not required to stamp jewellery and silver coins before selling them. This is because the government has not issued a quality control ordinance under the BIS Act that would make stamping mandatory. Once the government enacts a quality control ordinance, hallmarking will become mandatory for Silver Jewellery. Although hallmarking is not mandatory for silver, jewellers can have it done directly. The government has issued some quality standards for the voluntary hallmarking of silver Jewellery. According to the BIS, 'India's silver hallmarking standard IS 2112:2014 specifies six grades of silver alloys, namely 990, 970, 925, 900, 835 and 800, used in the manufacture of silver jewellery/artefacts.

In addition, customers may request that a piece of silver purchased from a jeweller be stamped. However, this must be done at the time of purchase. The jeweller must take the silver Jewellery to the nearest control center to have it stamped. If the Jewellery meets the quality standards, it will be hallmarked according to BIS standards.

A stamped silver jewellery must bear the following markings:

  • BIS mark with the word 'SILVER'
  • Purity grade/OK silver
  • Test center mark
  • Jeweller/Manufacturer's mark

Consumers purchasing stamped silver Jewellery must also have the relevant invoice. This document serves as proof in case of product disputes. The invoice must contain details of the stamped product - product description, net weight of the precious metal, carat purity, fineness, stamp duty and other similar details.


The authenticity of the metal to be evaluated and its same quality or value must be verified with the utmost care. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to the available warranty and their repair or replacement policy. Silver is not a short-term investment. Most cases depend on price (the average consumer buys retail, not wholesale) and appreciation.

Size, Weight and Charges

Note the vast differences in price between Jewellery of the same size due to varying degrees of perfection and color and the disproportionate jumps in value per carat depending on size. The definition of "large" or "rare" sizes varies widely, as does the price, depending on the weight. The jeweller will charge an additional fee and GST for a piece of hallmarked silver, regardless of the weight of the piece. Be careful and remember that there are usually no bargains to be had. You get what you pay for.

Refund and Return Policy

Whether they allow a piece to be annotated is increasingly rare these days. To what extent will they guarantee themselves? Will the goods be as presented? Be careful here. Make sure you asked the right questions and had the correct information about the bill, or you got stuck due to a technical problem. Find out about the refund and return policy.

Bait Advertising

Beware of bait advertising. An example is: Items are advertised at lowest prices, but the seller has no intention of selling them. When you arrive, the advertised item is "out of stock", but they have something else that costs more. Often, moreover, the products are of inferior quality.

You now know about silver and how to acquire them. Use your knowledge, and in addition, you must be intelligent. If, after consciously examining the Jewellery, you find it lively, beautiful and affordable, it will probably be a good purchase for you. Don't be afraid of buying Jewellery online.

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