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The Role of Pure Silver Anklets in Traditional Indian Jewellery - Fira

25 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Silver jewellery has been there in existence for almost 8000 years. They have a lot of significance in Indian culture and tradition and are also very popular in Asia and Egypt. They are considered to be one of the oldest pieces of jewellery that have an integral connection with Indian culture. There are so many customs and traditions in ancient India that has an integral connection with pure silver anklets. Though in Western countries, they are more of a fashion statement and a trendy piece of jewellery. 

It’s a myth that silver anklets are considered to be just a piece of jewellery. It portrays an overall significance of well-being and good health. In India, traditional anklets are also renowned as Payals which hold a lot of social and spiritual significance. Fira has a beautiful collection of pure silver anklets online which has a perfect balance between Indian customs and modernism.  

Different Significances of Silver Anklets

Silver anklets are not just another piece of jewellery. There are different other significances of wearing silver anklets on a daily basis. 

  • If you will observe Indian jewellery minutely, anklets are mostly worn in silver. When it comes to anklets, gold is never the choice although Indians are totally obsessed with gold jewellery. Almost 34% of the overall silver market is captured by anklets. Silver being a reactive metal reacts very well with the Earth’s energy. This is as per Ayurveda and modern science, that gold reacts with the energy and aura of the body while silver does with the earth. Hence it is worn as anklets and toe rings whereas gold is adorned in the upper parts of the body. 
  • In astrology, silver is linked with Moon/Luna and Venus. According to Indian Mythology, silver is formed from the eyes of Lord Shiva, thus it is the symbol of good wealth and prosperity. So wearing silver anklets brings good fortune. 
  • As per Hindu traditions, being linked with Moon or Luna, it is the symbol of feminism and motherhood. It also gets rid of negative energy and emotions. Therefore, wearing silver anklets for the expecting mother during baby showers is a mandatory custom in Indian traditions. 
  • Wearing silver anklets represents your impeccable personal style and is known to hold a connection with earth, water, and sky. 
  • If you wear a silver anklet with the symbol of yin yang, it symbolizes perfect balance and symmetry in your life. 
  • If you wear an anklet on your right ankle it represents your courageous nature. 
  • Anklets with power crystals symbolize your inner strength. 
  • In certain parts of India, anklets also signify the marital status of a woman. 
  • During ancient times, only rich and affluent people could afford silver and gold jewellery. Hence wearing silver anklets would highlight the wealth and social status of women. 

The Speciality of Silver Anklets in Indian Tradition

In India silver anklets is an integral ornament and hold a definite emblem. Payal signifies immense social and spiritual value apart from being one of the most treasured jewellery. In the renowned region of Mehergarh, silver anklets were extensively worn during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic eras. If you will minutely observe the famous dancing female statue, it is decked up with armlets, bangles, and anklets. 

It is also mentioned in ancient Indian literature. The world-famous Tamil epic dating from the 1st century CE, Silappatikaram also known as the Story of the Anklet, depicted the story of a husband who was slain because of selling one of her wife’s ruby anklets to a dishonest jeweler. The Indian version of silver anklets has been recreated with several designs in all parts of the world. 

Benefits of wearing Silver Anklets

There are several benefits of wearing silver anklets ranging from spiritual, astrological, scientific, and health. 

  • We all know that silver is a highly reactive metal and hence it reverts and reflects the energy circulated in the body. Since a majority of the body’s energy goes out from hands and feet, so wearing silver anklets forms a barrier for the energy to go out. Thereby leading it to circulate within the whole body. Eventually, it helps the person to be optimistic and enthusiastic in her life. 
  • As per Ayurveda and Science, anklets made of silver squander the energy and re-vibrate back to the body. 
  • As per Hindu Mythology, wearing silver anklets prevents the loss of positive vibes and protects women from unbearable situations. 
  • There are also huge spiritual benefits to wearing silver anklets. The positive waves discharged from silver anklets attract Devi (Goddess) Principle charged with Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle). The bells of the anklets produce sattvik and Tejtattva also protects from negative energies as well. Another spiritual benefit is that it grabs the attention of Shakti (Divine energy) and Kriya-shakti (Energy of action) from the Universe. Therefore, the woman who is wearing a silver anklet, a Raja predominant sheath is created throughout her body. Furthermore, the sattvik sound waves that are emitted from the balls of Payals help in purifying the surrounding environment. 
  • It is a known fact that silver has antibacterial properties. Hence wearing silver anklets prevents the occurrence of fungal infections. Silver ions help to destroy bacterial sheaths. 
  • Silver anklets are great healers of pain. Women end up with swollen feet that are often painful. The pain is generated usually from the lower spine and travels all through the legs. Wearing silver anklets provides great relief from sciatic pain, numbness, and tingling. Silver anklets and silver toe rings are a boon to the swollen feet of pregnant women. 
  • Silver anklets also help to boost immunity in your body by with proper blood circulation and activating lymph glands. It also provides balance to the electric currents generated throughout the human body. 
  • Silver anklets also balance the hormonal levels of the body of a woman. Toe rings and anklets made from pure silver contribute hugely to maintaining a healthy uterus thereby helping in the reproduction process. It also provides immense reduction from menstrual pains. 
  • It also helps to control sodium levels in the human body and whenever it increases, the color of the anklet would change. 
  • Silver anklets also cool the mind and helps to control anger and remain calm in a difficult situation. 
  • Silver is also a great antimicrobial agent and helps to control cold and flu infections. 
  • Silver is antiallergic, hence women who have a metal allergy can easily buy silver anklets online

Fira – the Ultimate Destination of Silver Anklets

To buy silver anklets online India, no brand other than Fira should be there in your mind. Seldom there are very few jewellery brands in India that keep the perfect balance between Indian culture and modern trends and designs. The intricacy with which the anklets are designed in Fira would awestruck you at first glance itself. There are different types of sterling silver anklets you will get from Fira that sure you won’t stop at buying only one piece. From layers to chains, to charms, everything is there in your palette at the most attractive price ranges. The anklets come in silver, gold, and rose gold finish. 

All the anklets from Fira have the BIS hallmark engraved in them and also provide an authentic BIS Hallmark (HM/C-7190179015) Certificate. Every single anklet manufactured by Fira is made with the purest sterling silver coated with rhodium polish and high-version of AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds. Fira proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ hence you should be proud of supporting a local brand in India. 

Though all the anklets from the house of Fira are impeccably beautiful and display intricacy to the next level, still I have mentioned below my top favorite ones. 

  • Fira Silver Rose Gold Double Layered Chain Anklet

  • Fira Twinkling Star Silver Anklet

  • Fira Crystal Gem Duplex Chain Silver Anklet

  • Fira Silver Spacious Rosegold Arrow Anklet

  • Fira Diamond Stud Box Rope Silver Anklet

    Pure silver anklets are an integral part of Indian tradition though now they are widely accepted by women all across the globe. They are the ultimate symbol of elegance and feminism representing prosperity, wealth, and also good health. Sterling silver anklets are the perfect symbol of pride and tradition in Indian culture. 

    So discover the strongest bridge between modern innovation and age old tradition of India with impeccably designed sterling silver anklets from Fira!!!

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