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Unleash Your Style: Discover the Latest Trends in Silver Anklets Online - Fira

17 Jun 2023 0 Comments

This summer it is time to game up your fashion game.

Anklets have existed worldwide for more than 2000 years and have been used in different places with different styles. In yesteryears, silver anklets have gained immense popularity owing to the fact that they are damn beautiful, the most versatile jewelry you will ever find, and reasonably priced. So this summer, if any accessory would unleash your style in the most unique way, it has to be anklets. 

Summer season is all about going out on vacation with your family and friends. Girls love wearing silver or any other color anklets during their vacation to the beach, mountains, or exotic locations. So it’s time that fashion-forward silver anklets for sale so that you can grab the most beautiful and attractive pieces. At Fira, you will find the most beautiful anklets at the best price you can ever imagine. 

Why you should wear anklets?

If I will say that anklets are just another piece of jewelry to unleash your style, then I will be utterly wrong. Undeniably, anklets are one of the most beautiful ornaments but there are also other reasons to adorn them. And this is why they have been in existence for such a long time and still be in style. Let us delve into detail to know the reasons behind wearing anklets.

Unleash your Style

It has been a long time since anklets have remained the most underrated jewelry but with time they have been considered as the most stylish ones. They are the most versatile pieces that you can ever find. These can be worn with any outfit, be it traditional, contemporary, or even Western. In India, anklets these days not only come with heavy traditional designs but also in sleek, lightweight designs as per the latest trends. 

Traditional anklets cannot be worn on a regular basis always but simple, sleek ones can be worn on a regular basis. Even you can combine those with your formal outfits in the office. The anklets available at Fira are the exact ones that your heart desires. The best part of Fira anklets is that you can combine those with any outfit and come at a surprisingly reasonable price. 

Relief from Leg Pain

Yes, it is true that silver anklets help immensely to reduce your leg pain. If you are someone who suffers from frequent leg pain, numbness under their feet, a tingling sensation in your feet, or even any kind of weakness in your legs, then wearing silver anklets would be a boon to you. I agree that you should take medical precautions if the pain comes from the lower back and goes through the buttock to all of the sciatic. Silver anklets would surely provide relief from these types of pain and impart positive energy. 

Swelling Heals

Silver anklets immensely help in swelling of heals. You might be wondering how is that possible. But here my friend, silver anklets the blood circulation of the body and thereby cure the swelling of heels by enhancing blood circulation in the heels. That is why it is an integral part of the baby shower ceremony and encouraged to wear by pregnant women. 

Brings Good Luck

Silver anklets have astrological benefits as well as they are the symbol of good luck and health. They are also believed to bring lots of positivity to your home as well. In ancient times, it was considered that women who wear anklets, God, and Angles are more attracted to their homes and thereby bring blessings, goodwill, and joy to their life. 

Energy Healers

Who would have thought that silver anklets are considered to be energy healers? It has scientific significance behind wearing silver anklets that the energy is not wasted. And most importantly, it is re-vibrated back to the body of one who is wearing it. So wearing silver anklets would always keep you positive, calm, and definitely energetic. 

Immunity Booster

Another scientific reason to wear silver anklets is that they help your body immensely to boost immunity. This is because pure silver or sterling silver anklets helps in activating the lymph glands in the body which thereby accelerates the immunity in your body. Therefore, during pandemic times, when immunity is an important factor, silver anklets have proven to be beneficial. 

Solah Shringar

And last but not least, as per Indian tradition, silver anklets are an integral part of 16 shringar to be accustomed by Indian women. They are the symbol of your marital status and are believed to bring good luck to your husband and yourself. 

Types of Sterling Silver Anklets

There are different types of silver anklets that are very popular among women. With the evolution of designs, you can find different types that would suit your taste and preference. At Fira, you will find sterling silver anklets as per the latest trends and styles. 

  • Chain Anklets: These are the most popular among all of the anklet designs available in the market. Trendy silver ankle chains online from Fira are bestsellers and have different designs. The chain anklets from Fira come in silver, gold, and rose gold finish. So from simple, and sleek, to intricate designs, Fira chain anklets are a rage and perfect for regular wear. 
  • Charm Anklets: Charm anklets are those that have small charms or trinkets hanging from the chain. You can also call them an extended version of chain silver anklets. They will add an extra charm to your entire get-up irrespective of the outfit you are wearing. The best way to flaunt your beautiful feet is by wearing charm anklets that would grab attention exactly to your feet. Get the best charm anklets at Fira and be the star of the party. 
  • Beaded Anklets: This type of anklet comes in small beads and in different colors and shapes. You can always channel a retro aesthetic look with the beaded anklets from Fira. 
  • Layered Anklets: Latest in style in the world of anklets are the layered anklets. They are perfect to add an unmatchable layer of drama to your entire look. The layered anklets from Fira are not to be missed and should be a must-have in your jewelry trousseau. 

Ways to Style Sterling Silver Anklets

Now that we know so many details about silver anklets, let me help you with different styling ideas to pair up silver anklets with several outfits. 

  • Pair it up with Chunky Sneakers: If you are someone who is not afraid to go beyond normal fashion trends, then you should definitely team your silver anklets with chunky sneakers. It is the perfect combination of being casual and chic and I am totally mad about this look. Go with any type of anklet from Fira with this combination and you are a Rockstar. 
  • Barefoot: Make your barefoot beach walk a dream with anklets from Fira. Trust me, the best way to highlight your silver anklets is by walking barefoot. 
  • Layering it: Another striking way to wear silver anklets is by layering them. But please make sure that you layer them properly so that they should not be loud but very elegant. You can also go for the layered anklets from Fira and be the best. 
  • With Heels: It’s time to make your heels look eye-catching with dainty anklets from Fira. Silver anklets are the perfect companions with beautiful stilettos and raise the fashion bar. 
  • Mix & Match: You can also look different and very stylish by mixing silver anklets with different colors. You can combine a silver finish anklet with a gold or rose gold anklet to add that extra spice to your look. 
  • Wear as Bracelets: Another versatile way to style your silver anklets is by wearing them as bracelets. Trust me, you will get the best look and you can thank me later. 

So it is time to unleash your style and highlight your looks with silver anklets from Fira and be the star of the party this Summer!!!!

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