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Why Buying Silver Indian Jewellery Online is the best option for you?

05 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Hello, all Bold and Beautiful ladies out there!!!!

Does your heart skip a beat when you see those beautifully handcrafted, dainty Silver Indian Jewellery online?

Well, mine definitely does. No girl would deny that silver and gold jewelry are their most prized and precious possessions. Undoubtedly silver jewelry is a great investment but the emotions attached to it are beyond financial worth. Very few would say that they don't have a fascination for silver jewelry.

A piece of beautifully handcrafted silver jewelry goes a long way to enhance your overall personality. Apart from receiving those extra compliments, it also gives an elegant touch to your overall style.

Why you should always choose Silver Jewellery?

The answer to this should be why not silver jewelry?

Recently there has been a huge craze for 925 sterling silver in India. Gone are those days, when silver jewelry would mean only a few traditional designs. These days manufacturers experiment a lot with different silver jewelry designs. You would find two types of silver jewelry designs these days, traditional designs with an oxidized finish and also minimal trendy designs with rhodium polish. And the base metal of all these pieces of jewelry is 92.5 or 925 sterling silver.

There are a thousand reasons to choose silver jewelry.

  • With 92.5 sterling silver, different designs of jewelry can be carved that would last a lifetime.
  • Silver jewelry is worth the investment that would be passed on to the next generations and is considered a valued possession.
  • It is very convenient to maintain and also can be cleaned easily as it has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. They can be easily cleaned with some water and a clean muslin cloth.
  • The best part of silver jewelry is that it is hypoallergenic in nature and hence won't create any irritation to the skin for those who have metal allergies.
  • Unlike copper jewelry, it doesn't tarnish easily and hence won't turn black very easily.
  • You can avail of silver jewelry with an authentic certificate. So like gold you can also purchase hallmarked silver from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Advantages of buying Silver Jewellery online

Though you can find silver jewelry in stores, there is an undeniable advantage to buying silver Indian jewelry online. So let us just delve into details of the benefits you would enjoy while buying silver jewelry from online stores.

  • Silver is considered to be a much stronger metal than gold which is not easily breakable. Gold is a soft metal that has the tendency to warping, gouge, and bend. And if you are someone who doesn't give much time to take care of jewelry, then silver is definitely your go-to option. So it’s always better to buy silver jewelry from a trustable online platform.
  • There would be more comprehensive plans and schemes when it comes to online silver jewelry manufacturers in comparison to local stores and retailers. Moreover, the collection is also more in the online platform.
  • Silver jewelry is known for its adaptable style. So you can easily wear silver jewelry to a business meeting as well as attend a Garba function by wearing it. Since the options are so versatile and basic, you can easily team them up with various outfits and the price is also within budget.
  • You are getting the authentic certificate of 92.5 or 925 sterling silver. Apart from this, silver jewelry that is purchased online has its own distinct aesthetic style. So undoubtedly it should be your ultimate silver jewelry that would never let you down.
  • It is very crucial to buy silver jewelry online. You don't have to invest much time to go to the store, you can easily choose them from anywhere.
  • The oils generated from our skin clean the silver jewelry. Though the metal tarnishes to some extent, you can always use varnish and a soft muslin cloth to clean it.

Where to buy Indian Silver Jewellery online?

There are innumerable platforms to buy Sterling Silver online India but you should only go for the trustable ones. If you would go with my suggestion, nothing beats the quality and charm of Fira in India amidst so many brands. This is one brand I trust even closing my eyes and have been purchasing from them for a long time. The main USP of Fira silver jewelry is its authentic products and remarkable designs.

The best part of purchasing Fira jewelry is that they are exclusively made in India and all the products are with an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015). There is a huge collection of sterling silver necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and earrings. All the pieces are made with pure 92.5 sterling silver and top-graded AAA+ graded cubic zirconia diamonds.To top it with, their prices are so affordable that everyone can purchase them. So it’s like a little box of luxury with love that never ends.

Why you should always choose Fira?

Now that I have introduced you to my favorite brand Fira for buying silver jewelry online, let me tell you my reasons to prefer Fira always. Apart from the authenticity and product quality, their designs are something that will surely whirl your head and skip your heartbeat. All the products are the outcome of the finest craftsmanship and ethereal designs that would always shine in the crowd.

Fira is extremely passionate about creating exceptional designs in silver diamond jewelry. Their high-shine finish is something you can never deny and ignore. They have a huge collection of silver jewelry for every age group and at different price ranges. So trust me, there is always a piece of silver jewellery for everyone.

The categories of jewelry you would find at Fira are as follows:

  • Necklace: These days’minimal design and sophisticated looks are the main requirements of choosing silver jewelry. And the necklaces available at Fira are exactly the ones you are looking for. They are extremely stylish, have dainty looks, minimal trendy design, and have high shine. Apart from only necklaces, you will also find necklace sets at Fira.
  • Anklets: Anklets have been associated with Silver jewelry since time immemorial. They are an inevitable part of traditional jewelry. Fira has brought that traditional Indian culture of anklets with a modern touch with simple trendy designs and looks. There are huge collections of anklets all at affordable prices.
  • Earrings: At Fira, you would get various varieties of earrings from studs to danglers and you can choose any as per your choice. All of them have that Royal Indian Modern touch in all their earrings.
  • Bracelets:Gone are those days when people used to buy those huge wide bracelets in gold and silver. Nowadays people prefer sleek bracelets be they in silver or gold. The bracelet collection available at Fira would charm you with all its ability. They are sleek, modern, and very beautiful.

The most striking part of Fira Silver Jewellery is that they not only come in a silver finish but also in gold and rose gold finish. All you need is to visit their website and select your favorite Sterling Silver Jewellery online.

So what are you waiting for??

Go ahead and grab your favorite Fira Silver Jewellery with all your palette of dreams!!!

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