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Silver Anklets for Womens Spread the charm using the captivating anklet assortment and silver anklets for girls available online. Give your sense of style and historic accents with distinctive anklet variations. Buying a silver anklet is a wise decision because you can wear it to any occasion, including a wedding,...

Silver Anklets for Womens

Spread the charm using the captivating anklet assortment and silver anklets for girls available online. Give your sense of style and historic accents with distinctive anklet variations. Buying a silver anklet is a wise decision because you can wear it to any occasion, including a wedding, and you can match it with every piece of clothing. Silver anklets are not a past trend; they are still in fashion and always be in fashion. It would help if you kept various things in mind regarding silver anklets or ornaments. It includes authenticity, design, purity, etc.

What To Look For Before Buying A Silver Anklet?

Check the Purity Of Silver

When purchasing a sterling silver anklet, you must check whether BIS hallmarks it. When buying a silver anklet or any other silver ornaments, you should look for these four signs:
  • Purity fineness/grade
  • BIS logo
  • Jeweller's identification number/ mark
  • Hallmark identification number/mark
When you are purchasing silver anklets, you must choose the grade between 920 to 925.

Known other contents besides Silver

Zinc or copper is mainly added to silver to enhance its durability. Always ask the jeweller about the contents besides silver. Sometimes the pure silver anklets come with gemstones, and always ensure that gemstone is not included in the weight or silver.

Stay away from German Silver

Don't confuse between Sterling silver and German silver. You must know that sterling silver is always made of pure silver, whereas German silver is made of brass or copper with a silver finish.

Check out the Making Charges

Checking out the making charges is crucial while purchasing a silver anklet. If you are visiting a known jewellery store, then it's okay. You might take his rate of making charges and compare it with other stores, which will help you negotiate better.

Silver Anklet Design

Silver anklets come in various types of designs. Here are a few ideas for silver anklet design, which you can check out:-
  • Fashion Anklets:- Like any other jewellery, several trends come and go. Look at the trendy anklets online to get an idea of the current trend. You can go with sterling silver anklets with subtle metal charms because they are in today's fashion.
  • Silver Anklet With Diamond Pendants:- Are you the one who loves the sign of a diamond? You can go for a pure silver anklet with multiple diamond pendants, and the diamond pendants will complete the look with modern and traditional attire.
  • Duplex Silver Chain With Crystal Gem:- Duplex silver chain comes with two different coloured chains, one is silver coloured, and another one is rose gold. The chains are beautifully crafted with crystal gems, and the crystals make them perfect for every traditional dress.
  • Bangle Anklets:- If you want something simple and elegant, you can go for a bangle anklet that shows your elegance and beauty. You can choose bangle anklets with diamond crystals to make them eye-catching with traditional dresses. If you want to keep things simple and want to match with both traditional and western, then go with bangle ankles without diamonds.

Why Buy Silver Anklets Online?

Online products are more trustworthy and genuine than offline products. There are several benefits of buying silver anklets online. Let's check it out:-

Variety Of Designs

When you are checking out jewellery, you will want to look at several types of designs and quality. In online shopping, you will get thousands of designs and can check them in the comfort of your home. What can be better than great design with the best quality? You can go through several options quickly with just a few clicks.

Verified Sellers

When purchasing a silver anklet for a bride online, you can check the seller's authenticity at their website. Their license and all other credentials are posted on their website so that customers can trust their authenticity. You can get several authentic sellers and choose the best one according to your choice. Online shopping of silver anklets omits roaming around to find authorized sellers.

Discounts and Coupons

Online shopping offers several types of discounts and coupons that you can enjoy. You might not get a discount offline shopping because nobody wants to profit less from silver ornaments. Online sellers offer several discounts to attract customers, and you can take advantage of them.

Hassle-Free Returns

In online silver anklets shopping, most companies provide express shipping, which is the best thing. This can help you save time, especially if you purchase several items. If you're unhappy with the purchase, you may quickly return it because most online sellers provide a hassle-free refund.

What Gives Fira Its Edge Ahead Of The Competition?

A) Quality Silver Jewellery

Everyone gets tensed about quality when purchasing silver anklets online, and Fira offers the best silver jewellery. All silver jewellers of Fira are hallmarked; you can be assured about both quality and design. Jewellery holds a great deal of emotional meaning and is nearly always with the person for their lifetime. At Fira, we give you jewellery that is deserving of its high quality. Handcrafted from Crystal diamonds, Cubic Zirconia, or Sterling Silver, each piece of jewellery by Fira is unique.

B) 10 Days Return Policy

Fira offers the best return policy in the market. If any customer faces any problem with the silver ornaments or doesn't like them after the order is delivered, they can return them within 10 Days. We have practical support who will help you to solve every query. Not only this, if you receive damaged or wrong products, you can get a solution within 48 hours. You can quickly get a refund in 3 to 7 business days, and in the case of COD orders, we offer gift cards as store credit within 24 hours.

C) Secure Payments & COD

Fira offers the best secure payment options like the best jewellery. We have secure payment options like VISA, Maestro, RuPay, Paytm, UPI, and Bank transfer. Customers can also opt for the COD option free of cost. When it comes to online shopping, most customers want COD because of its comfortability.

D) Quick Shipping & Delivery

Fira offers the fastest delivery and shipping. Customers will receive their order on or before their expected date. Every order gets dispatched on the same day you order, and standard delivery will reach you within 5 to 7 working days. To make the delivery safe, all deliveries are OTP based.

The delivery partner will try to deliver it three times, and if delivery is not received, then the whole amount is refunded, except the shipping amount.

Product lines offered by Fira in Silver Anklets

Fira Jewellery offers vast collections of necklace sets, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces in 925 sterling silver. Fira is devoted to producing exquisite silver and diamond jewellery. All jewellery is created by skilled designers that generate original concepts based on modern trends and lifestyles. We give each piece a subtle touch, thanks to our best artisans. We produce eye-catching designs that will highlight your style and taste. They like your beauty and charm; thus, all designs are intended to be distinctive, fashionable, and attractive.
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