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Silver bracelets for Womens Silver bracelets have always been a symbol of female beauty and happiness. In some communities, wearing bracelets is compulsory for women of all ages. Wearing silver may have healing properties and it also brings more positivity into your life. If you are bored with traditional bangles,...

Silver bracelets for Womens

Silver bracelets have always been a symbol of female beauty and happiness. In some communities, wearing bracelets is compulsory for women of all ages. Wearing silver may have healing properties and it also brings more positivity into your life. If you are bored with traditional bangles, then Silver bracelets are a great alternative. They are chic, urban, and versatile. It can be worn with all types of outfits i.e. it can be worn with jeans, kurta pants set, ghagra choli, and saree. Elegant and very delicate, perfect for everyday and festive occasions. Silver bracelets not only enhance a girl’s beauty but also improves her health and mental state.

Types of Bracelets

When you’re talking about bracelets, there are varieties of bracelet options available today. The top 5 types of bracelets are:

  • Cuff Bracelet: Cuff bracelets are open-ended. On one side, there is a gap that allows wood or metal to rest on your wrist. The cuffs might be adjustable depending on the fabric.

  • Charming Bracelets: This type of jewellery is usually personalized with charms that represent personal things to the wearer. Some people, for example, will collect charms of their favorite animal design jewellery, birthstones of their children, or even miniature photo lockets.

  • Silver Daisy Bracelet: The bracelet brings incredible joy and optimism. The delicate chain is adorned with five tiny double-sided flowers to highlight its beauty from all sides.

  • Torun Silver Bangle: The Torun silver bangle has remained a favorite since it was created in 1968. The bracelet is skillfully made, paying close attention to both form and purpose.

Unique Styles of Bracelets at Affordable Prices

Silver bracelets for women are available in many styles at a reasonable price. Some of the unique styles are mentioned below:

  • Sterling Silver Bracelet: This minimalist yet eye-catching bracelet is made of sterling silver and can be worn with both formal attire and casual outfits in the present. This bracelet's price starts from Rs.1200.

  • Silver Plated Bracelets: This type of bracelet is not made of full silver, it is only silver plated. A six-month warranty is provided against manufacturing flaws. It can be worn with ethnic, casual, or formal attire. The price of these bracelets starts from Rs 399 or more according to the designs.

  • Bracelet Made of Cubic Zirconia: This classy sterling silver bracelet has a premium appearance and feels thanks to the brilliant stones that are set into it. To avoid unintentional scratches, remember to wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after each use and keep it in a flat box. Its price is approx Rs 2499.

  • Rhodium-Plated Infinity Bracelet: People with sensitive skin may have allergic reactions to metals such as brass and nickel. However, this sterling silver bracelet is hypoallergenic and contains no metal additives that may cause allergic reactions. You can also avail of this bracelet at a reasonable price starting from Rs 2199.

Silver Bracelet for Every Outfit & Mood

Although you can still create a distinctive and eye-catching look with silver because it is neutral and versatile, it goes with almost everything. Simple silver jewellery is excellent for contrasting and balancing your look if your clothing has busy patterns or a busy color scheme. Consider simpler items like chains or solid silver bangles as an example. The same rule applies if your outfit has thick, ruffled fabrics; ornate jewellery and textured clothing produce a busy, overwhelming look, so stick to solid, straightforward pieces.

Team it with a statement shirt and a sparkly silver bracelet for a more casual look. As a recent trend, this combination is sure to attract attention. Try pairing a plain shirt with a simple, chunky bangle.

Large, elaborate, or striking silver bracelets can be just as fashionable as their more understated counterparts. Additionally, pairing a variety of bracelet styles together can add a new layer of depth to your ensemble, which is ideal for giving a simple black dress or elegant ensemble that extra something special.

Silver jewellery, whether it's a designer bracelet or a silver-plated vintage piece, can go with almost any outfit, and also it can be worn in any mood whether you’re in a sad, happy, or angry mood. Even silver helps reduce your angriness.

Why buy a Silver Bracelet Online?

If you are looking to purchase silver bracelets for a gift for yourself, online shopping should be considered. When buying silver bracelets, silver earrings, or silver necklaces from online fashion jewellery stores, there are some great benefits to keep in mind. Instead of getting the perfect outfit and heading to your local costume jewellery store, find a seller who sells silver bracelets online.

When shopping at an online jewellery store, you'll find that special piece of jewellery you want to cherish forever. You should find it. Finding the topaz girlfriend pendant or ruby girlfriend necklace that your girlfriend, wife, or mother wanted for her birthday has never been easier. Prices are now low and you can even find incredible deals on the internet. From time to time, online fashion jewellery stores offer promotions and discounts. There are also sales events where many products are discounted. All you have to do is visit your desired jewellery website once a week. Never miss a sale again. It takes a few minutes to explore the website. Driving through city streets can take a long time.

Quality of Fira Sterling Silver Bracelets

Because of its long history and unwavering commitment to creativity and craftsmanship, Fira is one of India's top jewellery brands. The success of the brand is based on its fundamental values of openness and trust. We provide the best jewellery along with attentive, individualized customer service and numerous safe payment options.

Fira, a silver jewellery brand, caters to women who want to express themselves through glamorous pieces of jewellery. We have a lovely selection of pure silver Indian jewellery available online that is exquisite, fascinating, current, chic, and ideal for any situation.

Our collection of finely crafted 925 sterling silver bracelets is designed for a beautiful, graceful, and vibrant look that many would covet around you. Almost all of the pieces are appropriate for Silver Bridal Jewellery.

Fira's fashionable bracelet is made of sterling silver and is embellished with round cubic zirconia.

It’s Skin-Friendly which is Nickel-free and lead-free, this hypoallergenic jewellery is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. The plating is non-allergic and suitable for all skin types and environments.

How to Clean Fira Silver Bracelets?

Because silver is a soft, lustrous metal, gentle cleaning is essential. For cleaning everyday jewellery, a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing soap, or even baby shampoo, will usually suffice. This method also works to clean gold jewellery.

  • Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to warm water. Mix until bubbles form.
  • Soak the jewellery in the solution for 5-10 minutes.
  • Use a soft-bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean any crevices.
  • Warm water should be used to rinse jewellery.
  • To dry, rub the jewellery gently with a silver cloth or a microfiber towel. Paper towels should be avoided because they can scratch the silver.
  • You can frequently clean fine silver jewellery with soap and water as well, even if it has diamonds or other precious gems.

To be safe, you should consult a jeweller before cleaning any valuables or having the item professionally cleaned. If soap and water are ineffective, you can try other do-it-yourself silver cleaning techniques that make use of pantry and common household items, such as baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, white vinegar, salt, and toothpaste. You can check the Silver Jewellery Product Care Guide.

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