Product Care

Jewellery has a lot of emotional significance attached to it, and it is such a thing that stays with the wearer almost lifelong. At Fira, we strive to provide you with the jewellery pieces worth of its quality. Each item of Fira jewellery is handcrafted from Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia or Crystal Diamonds.

After purchasing jewellery, it is very important to take care of it. A regular maintenance can make it shining for long time. Additionally, proper care of jewellery is essential to maintain longevity.

General Care

One can consider a few factors for proper jewellery maintenance. Wear your jewellery ornaments properly, clean them properly and keep them safe. You should take care of these most common jewellery care procedures:

Keep Your Jewellery Dry: An essential piece of advice in this jewellery care guide is never to get your jewellery wet! This suggests that you should not wear your ring or necklace, or anklet while washing your hands and that you should not wear jewellery while bathing or swimming.

Clean with Soft Cloth: When you are done wearing your jewellery piece for the day, take it off and clean it. As jewellery expert, we recommend a soft and lint-free cloth.

Store in Clean Box: When it comes to how to take care of jewellery, storage is essential, just like how we store and care for our other fashion accessories. Fira jewellery boxes are recommended to protect your valuables from the elements and to prevent them from getting lost or damaged. A nice jewellery box or case protects it from any harm.

Care while Wearing

  • Wear jewellery after you're done applying moisturizer, makeup, hairspray, perfume, and other cosmetic procedure. Moreover, wear some pieced of jewellery like necklace and earrings after hair fashion procedure.
  • At home, one often uses chemical products for gardening and cleaning. Remove your bracelets and other jewellery before handling these items.
  • Avoid direct contact of jewellery and water. Remove jewellery before taking shower or any other watering activity.
  • While cooking, most women's bangles come in contact with kitchen utensils. This can damage the gem and metal used in the piece. Remember to take off and remove all jewellery when cooking, cleaning, or doing other strenuous tasks.

Care while Cleaning

Clean your jewellery with a soft cloth on a regular basis to remove any dust that has gathered on the design.

Care while Storing

  • Keep jewellery in a plastic box. This will prevent your jewellery from being tarnished.
  • Wrap each earring, bracelet, ring and necklace in a separate cloth inside a plastic box, so they do not rub against each other.
  • When travelling, use a jewellery case. It is crucial to keep the jewellery safe and avoid damage while travelling. It also helps keep the jewellery safe from any damage.

Care for Sterling Silver Jewellery

Basically Sterling Silver is a mixture of 92.5 percent silver and rest other metals, mainly copper. The reason behind it is that the pure silver jewellery would be too fragile to use in everyday jewellery. So, adding copper makes the precious jewellery strong enough to wear.

  • Salty or chlorinated water or any other acidic elements will increase the rate of Sterling silver tarnishing extremely fast. So, it is wise to avoid such things make contact with your charming jewellery piece.
  • When storing your jewellery, make sure it is scorched and store it in a given Fira soft line box or cloth pouch when you buy jewellery. This will protect it from scratches and help delay the stigmatized process. Try to keep the pieces apart, so they don't brush against each other.
  • If possible, place your silver jewellery in a plastic zip lock bag so that it does not come in contact with the air.
  • Make sure the last thing you wear before going out is your jewellery.

Care for Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds require special care. Although Fira diamond jewellery is carefully designed, it can still shatter and be scratched. Sweat and general dirt can easily stick to the surface of a diamond and reduce its luster.

Handle diamonds carefully and store them separately from other jewellery to avoid scratching other pieces, especially diamond jewellery. Keeping diamonds in small plastic bags or fabric-lined containers will help minimize damage, wear, and dirt.

  • To best protect your diamond jewellery, remove it before engaging in potentially damaging activities.
  • Avoid rubbing your jewellery on hard surfaces or subjecting it to undue force.
  • Cleaning jewellery regularly can help prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. Giving diamond jewellery a thorough cleaning at home is easy.
  • To minimize scratches, diamond jewellery should be stored separately. Diamond necklaces and earrings will not tangle if stored properly. For this reason, soft-lined boxes with pouches or compartments are suitable.